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Tommy Sotomayor Lectures With People On The Street Off Crenshaw BLVD After Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict! (Video)

Tommy Sotomayor Lectures With People On The Street Off Crenshaw BLVD After Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict! (Video)

by May 23, 2014 0 comments

Marching For Trayvon

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor


On July 13, 2013, while the people who hate me were wrapped up tightly in their beds thinking of new ways to claim that I am an uncle tom and a coon, the world was just getting news about the on going George Zimmerman trial.  The news that the world got was that George Zimmerman was not guilty in the murder of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.  This to the sorry of many black people came right when everyone was assuming there was no way he would get away with cold blooded murder.

So where was Tommy Sotomayor when this news broke?

Well, I was right in the heart of it, right where the rubber meets the road.  I was with the people of south central Los Angeles filming live on Crenshaw BLVD.  You know, where the people who hate me have never been and would never show their face.  You know, right where the people claim that if i ever showed up in any hood in america talking the stuff I talk on my videos, I would be beaten to a pulp!  Well lets look at the two videos of me on the streets talking to passer by’s and see what happened..

Part 2

132514592__01_432268bThe hardest part about this was seeing that we had a whole lot of passion for this young kid but now here we are almost 1 year later and I have to ask, what has changed?  I mean what truly has changed with blacks?  Are we a closer people?  Do we treat each other better?  Are we killing each other less?  The answer is no so what was the purpose of the march?  Do we only get mad when non blacks murder blacks?  There are far more Trayvons being murdered by other Trayvons than Georges and if we really cared about black lives then we would march every time one was taken, no matter who did the deed!

I enjoyed every moment of talking to people that nite and I will be posting more footage but what really needs to happen is that we turn this outrage into results!  Click here to see more street convos



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