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She Tried To Embarrass Her Ex On Facebook Live So He Killed Her On Facebook Live & Im Not Sad! (Video)

She Tried To Embarrass Her Ex On Facebook Live So He Killed Her On Facebook Live & Im Not Sad! (Video)

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Stupid Game, Meet Stupid Prize!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

You can hate me all you want to but I honestly believe that things will not change until we as men start dealing with women they way that they deal with us, in a ruthless manner!

My whole life I have been a sucker for women and have been used and screwed over by them.  When women tend to do these things to men, they don’t cry, they don’t feel any remorse or pity about it, they just tell you how they feel or move on, rob you, steal your semen and make kids while forcing you to pay for it and several different things that the government do nothing about!

Many men right now are being held from their kids while being forced to pay for them so when I see a story like this, all I can think of is that the chickens have come home to roost, and who am I to cry at the crowing?

A 22 year old black woman along with her son was shot down and murdered on Facebook Live as she decided to go to Facebook live to embarrass her ex boyfriend by telling his new girlfriend that she and him were still dealing with each other on a sexual level effectively ending his new relationship so in response here is what he did…

This also goes to show you how black women do not care about their kids at all because what kind of young woman brings a man this much older around her and her kids?

She was not only the mother of the one kid that was killed with her but from what her facebook page said, she has a couple of more kids and yet she would still do this to herself and her children?

This to me is why I say that black women are the worst stewards of children on earth!

Rannita Williams Shot in Facebook Live Video [GRAPHIC]

Hirschsprung's disease photos

An extremely disturbing Facebook Live video captured the murder of Rannita Williams in Shreveport, Louisiana, graphically depicting the horrors of domestic homicide. You can watch the video below, but be aware that it is very disturbing.

The Shreveport, Louisiana woman was streaming video on the social platform when the shooter – accused by police as Johnathan Robinson, 36, a convicted felon – opens fire after telling Williams he was going to make her famous. Although you don’t actually see Williams die in the graphic video, it is very disturbing all the same. As the man opens fire, the camera captures his shadow – with the shadow of the weapon – against the wall.

FacebookRannita Williams.

In the video, the shooter stalks back and forth while Williams – seemingly oblivious to the pending danger – speaks on the phone with the video streaming live. Williams, 22, went by the nickname NuNu. The suspect, Robinson, is under arrest. A police officer was also shot in the incident, and Williams was dead on arrival at the hospital, according to The Shreveport Times, which reported that Robinson became combative in the jail.


In the troubling video, Williams speaks into the screen, saying, “Hey y’all, this is NuNu… I didn’t have any business doing all that. My page been blocked.” The video does not show the shooting of the officer. The newspaper reported that police responded to the scene after the Facebook Live shooting and that’s when Anderson allegedly shot at officers, striking one of them.

“Everybody wanna be famous. I’m gonna make you famous,” the gunman mutters in the background at one point before opening fire.

Williams referred to someone on the phone as “Aunt Lola.”

“You think I’m worried about the police right now?” asked the gunman, adding, “You wanna be famous? I’m gonna make you famous. Everybody wanna be famous, let’s be famous today.”

johnathan robinson

Johnathan Robinson

He fires the weapon six times as Williams shouts “Stop Johnathan.”

One woman who knew Williams wrote on Facebook, “My heart goes out to Nunu family & especially her kids lord have mercy mane I ain’t knw her that well but this was my first time meeting her at Patricia party she was so full of life,so sweet.” Williams’ last public post on Facebook read, “The main ones who you think got mad love.. really be the ones with the most HATE❗❗” and her profile stated “#HatedByManyConfrontedByNone!”

Her profile “picture” on Facebook was a video. Rannita Williams was also a mother, judging from her Facebook page, which is filled with photos of her children as well as glamour shots of Williams out on the town. With one photo of a young boy, she wrote, “I Do this for my Son.. Yeah I Love him to Death! On the Cool I love him more than myself❗??? #OnlySon ? #KinG.” With a photo of a young girl, she wrote, “And My Daughter go with Me Too Every Performance! ???” On March 25, she wrote, “I Ain’t the perfect Mother! But I want the best for my Daughter! ??????”

rannita williams

FacebookRannita Williams.

The accused gunman has a history of domestic violence allegations.