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Black Mom Murders Her Own Infant Then Post Photos Of The Body On Facebook For Likes! (Video)

Black Mom Murders Her Own Infant Then Post Photos Of The Body On Facebook For Likes! (Video)

by July 10, 2014 50 comments

So Killing The Child Was The Best Option Here?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


“I didnt want him anymore” were the words uttered by the 22 year old mom who was trying to explain her henious actions to the police detectives!  Thats all fine and dandy but was giving the child up to the father just not an option hell what about giving it to a family member or adoption?

The story that you are about to see literally has taken the cake but when I get to Cleveland tomorrow, I will have one that is much worse as for now, watch below!

What you just witnessed was evil personified!!!  What you just saw was the mental instability of people in the hood.

First off, these kids should not have been having kids because of their economic situation.  Two, what really hurts me is how this mom will be like Andrea Yates and get some people reaching out and giving her sympathy because she was stressed out.

I feel her pain as I said in the story as her boyfriend Kiam Felix and his girlfriend Rasheeda Tanya Reid were trying to show the world how great their relationship was and how close the girlfriend was to the child as well.  Stop doing that crap to your kids just because you are dating someone.


This rasheeda person is really a low life because she knows how that would feel if someone did that to her.  What woman wouldn’t be hurt by some new woman claiming your man and baby in 11 months?

This dude seems like a real piece of work and who knows, maybe he left the relationship with miss Nicole “Nikki” Kelly because he knew that she crazy but then why did he antagonize her?  Why was he acting like he was so in love with this new chick that either he was with before he got Nikki pregnant or he met after which means there would be no reason for her to be posting on his page about his baby with anotehr woman.

Black women seem to not like each other so why is it they get mad when someone else says something about them?  It is totally out of line for a woman who knows how it feels to be abandoned by a man to encourage her man to do the same!  No woman should be cool with being with a guy and trying to claim that mans child.

What made this all just sick was that none of the idiots lost their lives, the only person who lost their life was the innocent baby who had nothing to do with this crap.  There are many kids who are only alive right now because their fathers didnt act like they loved them.  These kids are pawns in idiot games being played by the adults

Oh & PS… Lets not be surprised at what happened because black women are the NUMBER 1 killers of black lives!  They are committing genocide in and outside of their wombs on a daily basis but is anyone protesting that?  Is anyone making 100000 black men against that?  I am sure that what you are going to hear in the comment section is that white women do it too so since you are no better than white women or you want to be like them in everything evil they do then try to do some of the good they do like being submissive or having more children in wedlock than outsided or how about not wearing hair that doesnt look native to them???

****UPDATE**** After read more on the young womans page, it appears that she had cheated on the father of the baby after the kid was born, the boy found out and moved on and since Nikki couldnt get him back and he kept rubbing his new relationship in her face, she decided to take it out on the child!  Stupid Stupid Stupid.. HELL IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WOMAN!

ELMHURST, Queens Detectives say mother Nicole “Nikki” Kelly told them she killed her own baby boy because she had “reached her breaking point.”Now she is in police custody, charged with the second-degree murder of her 11-month-old son, according to affiliates WPIX.The child, Kiam Felix, Jr., was pronounced dead Sunday afternoon after Kelly, 22, brought him into the emergency room with the boy’s father, who does not live with them.

Instead, Kelly and her baby boy rented a room from another woman, who also has a two year-old boy. She described the child as a happy baby.

Every photo of little Kiam on Facebook shows him looking sweet and happy. Some of the photos are particularly disturbing based on information conveyed by Kelly’s housemate.


Baby Kiam and Nikki Kelly. PHOTO: WPIX

The housemate told WPIX that she’d seen Kelly on Sunday afternoon with the body of her lifeless baby, just before he was taken to the hospital.

Little Kiam was dressed in a completely white outfit — vest, collared shirt, necktie, pants and socks, identical to the wallpaper photos on Kelly’s Facebook page.

Below that photo banner, Kelly had posted, in part, after her son’s death, “Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life I feel horrible knowing he passed away. Am [sic] his Mother. I was supposed to protect him.”

It’s likely then that the pic was taken after his death. 

Police at 110th Precinct reported to district attorney’s office investigators that Kelly, formerly a home health aide, wrapped her baby so tightly in a bed sheet Sunday that he couldn’t breathe or move.

She left him alone on the bed for a half hour, while she showered.

After he turned blue, Kelly called the boy’s father.

After she was taken into custody, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office, she told investigators, “I reached my breaking point, I didn’t want him anymore.”

She is currently expected to make a first appearance before a judge on the murder charge on Wednesday. If she is found guilty, she faces a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

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