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Miss Mo Pulls A Judas & Goes On Tyrone’s Show To Talk About Tommy Sotomayor!

Miss Mo Pulls A Judas & Goes On Tyrone’s Show To Talk About Tommy Sotomayor!

by January 7, 2014 0 comments

So, You Wonder Why Tommy Speaks This Way About Black Women?

So my ex decides to not only rob me of my clothes and electronics all while illegally evicting me from my home that I pay for, but she didnt stop there!  Nope she went on the show of the man who hates me like I stole his life savings and tries to throw me under the bus!

I want you guys to listen to this and notice how mean everyone is and how classless even the women are.  They cussed out miss mo something serious and yet she continued allowing it in the effort to make me look bad!  I will break down each part of these videos later but as for now, watch and enjoy as Judas I mean miss mo betrays the man who was taking care of her and her family!

I truly feel bad because the last thing I would have ever thought would be that she and I would end up here!  I viewed this woman as family and a very good friend that I would always be there for.  I guess maybe I have never had my heart broken to the point of where I would do these things to anyone else.  I will be responding later but its not going to be what you think.  PS make sure you watch the live show tonight!

Give me your thoughts on his show and her appearance and why you think they were so hard on her.  Also why do you think she went on the show and how would you have handled this is you were in her shoes?