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Black BT Found Dead After Bottched Butt-Enhancement Proceedure By Bargain Basement Booty-a-trician! (Video)

Black BT Found Dead After Bottched Butt-Enhancement Proceedure By Bargain Basement Booty-a-trician! (Video)

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But Black Women Are Educated Right?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Black Bitches Buying Bargain Basement Booty Being Broke & Brainless Gets Botched Bodies Being Being Beautiful Boneheads!

Seriously guys riddle me this, if black women are supposed to have the best bodies on earth and other races of people are trying to be like them then can someone tell me why there are more black women dying from trying to enhance their butts than other races of women?

The search for DNA continues for the low brow black woman who believes that the only purpose that she has in life is to be lusted over by the lowest form man she can find!  The thug, the pimp, the player, the baby daddy, the trap king… Anyone that a black woman sees as a bad boy that is who she wants to attract because honestly, what real man would want a woman with 2 kids and a facebook page full of her trying to be as ratchet as possible?

What man wants a serious relationship with scum like that who would spend more money on her body than her kids education?


 – The family of a Harlem mom who died after getting buttock-enhancement procedure in a Manhattan apartment is calling it murder.

Latesha Bynum’s family said she went to a building on E. 21st in Manhattan on July 15, 2017, to get silicone injections from someone claiming to be a doctor. Her family said that later in the day she started feeling dizzy and had chest pains.

She was taken to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Medical Center and was later declared brain dead and taken off of life support.

Police are investigating and are awaiting autopsy results from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The building in Gramercy Park has no signs for medical offices and the state Department of Health said no licensed medical practice are located there

Detectives went to the location and found that it is an apartment, not a medical office. They found surgical supplies and the drug lidocaine there.

Bynum was the mother of two girls. She died two days short of her 32nd birthday.

In 2015, two butt-enhancement procedures in New York City that ended with the patients dying were classified as homicides.

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