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White Ex Accuses Korra Obidi Of Cheating & She Admits To It But Claims He Used To Beat Her!

White Ex Accuses Korra Obidi Of Cheating & She Admits To It But Claims He Used To Beat Her!

by May 12, 2024 1 comment

Cheating, Its What They Do!!!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

It was he say she say but I could have told you white boy what black women do and that is cheat! Period! No black woman that you are with belongs to you, you will be sharing her with a few other men!

Korra Obidi and Justin Dean

America-based Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, and her estranged husband, Justin Dean, are at social media war again, following claims of cheating and domestic violence.

Korra Obidi had recently accused her husband of physically assaulting her amid their messy divorce battle.

But Dean, in a Facebook live late Friday maintained that he never physically assaulted his wife but only called her names.

Denying the claim of domestic abuse, Dean said, “I never physically assaulted Korra. She was constantly trying to get me to. Have I called her names? Yes because she told me that Athena (their second daughter) may not be my child.

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“She cheated on me when she was pregnant with Athena. Four months pregnant and she was sleeping with another man and I have proof.”Related News

Obidi had in a video admitted to cheating on her husband before she moved to America, then went on to allege that she lost a pregnancy due to domestic violence.

She said, “I’m not a chronic cheat, I’m just a woman who was honest to her husband. Before I came to America, I was very indecisive and I tasted from Pandora’s Box…I had an affair. That affair lasted only one date.

“When I got here, I told him I had an affair in Nigeria and I don’t want us to ever have secrets. He said it was fine and we could go on but it wasn’t fine. He would go out, get drunk and call me all sorts of names.

“I lost a pregnancy. There has been proof that I was in a violent relationship.”

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