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Boxer Adrien Broner Gives Homeless Man 1000 Dollars Cash On The Streets! (Video)

Boxer Adrien Broner Gives Homeless Man 1000 Dollars Cash On The Streets! (Video)

by May 24, 2014 0 comments

Nice Move

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor


Today I saw a video that literally warmed my heart.  There is a loud mouth boxer named Adrien Broner who is known for doing a lot os stupid stuff, but on today he did something that made up for some of the things that I have seen him do and heard about him doing.  Check this out!

Damn it man Adrien, yeah it was a nice move but I have to admit that what you did would have been a whole lot nicer had he done this for a black man.  Im sorry but a homeless white man is a waste of white skin.  You should never be white in america and have a black man have to give you anything at all.  Everytime that I see poor white people it makes me feel better about my position in life because I know that systematicly they had an upper hand but I digress!

What I truly loved most about this video is the genuine show of emotions desplayed by the homeless man which gives me hope for everything that I do for people and what people do for me.  That appreciation is what many of us fail to show but the best way that this man can show it is to use it to make his life better and if he succeeds, turn around and do something like this for the next man.  Lets all go do something this cool!

PS.  Why was Wold Star Hip Hop the ones filming this video?

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Adrien Broner shows a softer side to his personality by giving a homeless man $1000

Controversial boxer Adrien Broner displayed a softer side to his personality by handing a homeless man a pile of hundred dollar bills from his car.

In a video filmed by World Star Hip Hop, the former three-time world champion, known as ‘The Problem, pulled up to the homeless man, who thought it he was the butt of a joke initially, and offered him the money

After realizing Broner was being genuine, the man thanked him for the kind gesture, hardly believing his luck at hitting the cash jackpot to the tune of $1000.


Cash injection: Boxer Adrien Broner, right, gave a homeless man $1000


Boxer Adrien Broner gives a homeless man $1000

Lucky day: Broner gave $1000 to the homeless man he stopped in his car

The video appears to show that Broner wants to change the public’s perception of him with the charm offensive, especially in the wake of his recent warning from the WBC for bad behaviour.

Broner was suspended from boxing in a WBC-sanctioned fight over a racist slur after his victory against Carlos Molina.

The 24-year-old made the comment after securing a unanimous points win against the Mexican in May at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Broner will be suspended until he issues a public apology.

Ban: Broner has been suspended from boxing over a racist slur after his victory over Carlos Molina

Ban: Broner has been suspended from boxing over a racist slur after his victory over Carlos Molina

He has addressed the situation since then on his Instagram account, saying: ‘Lately I’ve been portrayed in the news/media as racist for the comment I made after my fight,’ he wrote. ‘I am the furthest thing from that. I love all of my supporters and all people for that matter! And last time I checked “Mexican” isn’t a race, it’s a nationality. If I said ‘Canadian’ would their [sic] have been this much of an uproar?”

‘My team is built of all races and nationalities, and I respect and appreciate them all I sincerely, apologize if my comment offended anyone but it did not come from a place of hate. The Mexican fans are the people that keep boxing alive and well. Without them, there would be no AB.’


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