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Narvell Benning, The Black Male Victim In Buffalo Racism Rant, Explains Why Snow Beast Went Off On Him! (Video)

Narvell Benning, The Black Male Victim In Buffalo Racism Rant, Explains Why Snow Beast Went Off On Him! (Video)

by June 5, 2014 4 comments

The Stories Conflict

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor


Well, if you thought the story was over you must not be from planet earth!  The brother that was a victim of the snow beast by the name of Janell Ambrosia who just went slap off on him by calling him all types of n*ggers (Click here to see) has come to the forfront to say what he remembers happening.

Janell came out with her own explanation yesterday (click here to see) with some half baked excuses of why she decided that N*gger would be the best words to describe the young father of two.  Well today the brother by the name of Narvell Benning, to to a radio station out of Buffalo NY to explain is version of events!

As you can hear in the interview, the brother seems very calm just as he did when recording the idiot snow beast and his outlook on the incident seems to be the same.  Now again, I must say that the woman in my opinion was not being racist, she was being stupid.  Racism is a system not a word but since we are using that as a word to describe what she did we will continue.

The least of our worries are idiot women like the woman in the video.  Janelle Ambrosia represents a bunch of backwards inbreed whites who are holding on to their last little bit of power which is no power at all but the bigger story in this is how the brother is a FATHER!  I mean a real father!

You hear him and his kids in the background.  You hear him speak about them over and over as if they are bringing him a pride and joy that he cant adequately describe.  The man seems to have his head on straight and this is the part of the story that beings me the most joy.  If anyone knows how to reach out to the brother, let him know that I would like to have him on my radio show.

Notice how the guy started that he hears this type of talk all the time in Buffalo NY.  Ah wait a min, I thought that only the south had this issue right?  You negros love believing the BS that gets shoved down your throats as you are told that its chocolate!  White people everywhere can have the same mentality, its just just the south.  Maybe the sooner we realize that, we will see that working together could be a viable option.  Just a thought

As far as the idiot Janelle goes, let the shame of her actions be the medicine for her mental ailment!~T.S.