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Sign The Petition For Free Speech & Getting Tommy Sotomayors Youtube Channels Back!

Sign The Petition For Free Speech & Getting Tommy Sotomayors Youtube Channels Back!

by July 27, 2014 39 comments

Lets Bring Free Speech Back!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


Over the past 2 plus years that Tommy Sotomayor has been posting videos on Youtube he has had more than 2 dozen deleted!

The problem came with his first video that went viral about Rayon MacIntosh the man who struck back at the violent women in McDonalds.  On that video, Mr Sotomayor only spoke the truth about how violent the American black woman has become.

Because of telling this truth, Tommy has become a target of internet threats, harrassment as well as stalking!

What we would like to do with this petition is get youtube to not only reinstate most of Tommy Sotomayors deleted channels but we would like him to be protected against the false flagging that has been going on against him.

There have been several people on youtube and facebook who have organized groups whose sole mission it is to false flag Mr Sotomayors accounts and this will be dealt with in a court of law where all who have called for this flagging will be sued for the loss of funds but until then we need youtube to start protecting the right of free speech!

Youtube needs to protect its content makers from being targets of non content makers.  Tommy Sotomayor has gotten so popular that he now has his own tag when making or searching for youtube videos which means he has become a house hold name so its time for youtube to treat him this way.

What we are asking is that youtube reinstates immediately channels such as Sotomayortv Sotomayortv1 Sotomayortv3 Sotomayortv7, SotomayorTv6, TommysEpicRants2, JacquesNegro, JacquesNegro2, YwmvInterviews, Ywmvtheshow, Ywmvtheshow2, TommyPonders, MrSwoleFat, Tommynewsnetwork and many many others!

Youtube you make money off of people who make great content so please help protect your content makers by heading this petition and people make sure that you sign this petition because Today its Tommy But tomorrow it could be you or your favorite youtuber who becomes a target of those who just dont like what they have to say! LETS SHOW YOUTUBE THAT WE ARE FOR FREE SPEECH!  CLICK HERE AND SIGN TODAY!  ALSO MAKE SURE YOU SHARE!

Tommy Sotomayor has lost 300 million views as well as 1 million subs because of false flagging!!!

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