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Woke Teachers Mad At Students Refusing To Wear Pride Outfits And Say Their Pronouns Are U.S.A

Woke Teachers Mad At Students Refusing To Wear Pride Outfits And Say Their Pronouns Are U.S.A

by September 1, 2023 0 comments

By: Summer

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them…

Unfortunately in our society today, it seems to be wrong for children wanting to show patriotism to their own country. Furthermore, a few woke teachers were upset at their students refusing to wear pride gear. They instead chant that their pronouns are U.S.A. Conservatives are happy to hear that children are proud of their country. 

According to the Daily Mail, middle school students in Massachusetts organized a protest in response to a request to wear rainbow colors for Pride Month on June 2. They tore down Pride decorations, ripped up Pride flag stickers, and chant, “USA are my pronouns.” 

Following that, they were adorning themselves in red, white, and blue. Furthermore, the students were dismantling hallway decorations given by the Spectrum Group. This includes quotes from Tennessee Williams and signs promoting a “safe space” and equality for all.

X users support students who chant U.S.A as their pronouns 

X users state that even children are aware that the woke agenda is merely a propaganda that they can see through. Conservatives are happy with the children who love their freedom more than the woke agenda. Furthermore, they claim that America needs more children like them who show their love for freedom. 

In addition to this, X users state that students should be left alone. They state that kids should have the right to have their own minds and opinions to grow. However, it seems that the only concerns woke teachers have are to teach their agenda to children. Conservatives feel that liberals do not have an open mind. 

Following that, users state that the woke agenda is a form of communism. This is where freedom and different opinions are not acceptable. A uniformity of opinions and celebrations are a custom that the woke agenda is trying to achieve. However, at the same time, they tend to exclude White people from the conversation, and it may include children as well. 

Others state that the children must have good parents for them to stand up to their own beliefs. Regardless, being proud of one’s nationality shouldn’t be something bad but it should be something that is celebrated. 

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