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V-103’s Wanda Smith Finally Fired After Her Mishandled Interview & Husband Trying To Fight Katt Williams! (Video)

V-103’s Wanda Smith Finally Fired After Her Mishandled Interview & Husband Trying To Fight Katt Williams! (Video)

by January 4, 2019 1 comment

The Katt Kurse Strikes Again! LOL

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Well, there seems to be curse going around and its called the Katt Kurse!

Seems like this new year, Katt Williams is bring proven right all at once, first it was with Tiffany Haddish and now it is with the big girl on ATL radio, Wanda Smith whom he got into a roast battle with live on air!

Now because of Wanda Smith having very hurt feelings, she lashed out at her co host Frank Ski and then the people for entertaining the comedy stylings of one Mr Katt Williams.  She also lashed out at the radio show for posting the roasting of her on line which subsequently went viral and further added to her humiliation!

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Seems like maybe people should leave Katt Williams alone, if you think he is taking himself down then stay clear because at this point he seems to be taking people down with him!

Wanda Smith, Miss Sophia out at V-103

ATLANTA – Welcome to 2019 and the first Atlanta radio personalities who are out: Wanda Smith and Miss Sophia from V-103.

They were part of the Frank Ski’s original morning show and the revamped one that returned nearly a year ago.

Smith has been a mainstay at V-103 for more than two decades with just a single year off in 2013. A comedienne by trade, she has provided Ski with wisecracks and ebullience. She was also part of Ryan Cameron’s show for most of his morning run until he chose to leave V-103 last January, opening the door for Ski’s full-time return.

Miss Sophia (real name: Joe Taylor) was the first drag queen to ever have a regular slot on a morning radio show in Atlanta. She was on the show for four years, providing entertainment news from 2006 to 2010She came back last year to do the same thing.

The new/old V-103 morning show generated strong ratings for most of 2018, finishing in the top three in most key demos. There was a dip as the Christmas holidays approached.

V-103 management does not typically discuss why it makes these types of personnel moves and general manager Rick Caffey did not return a message seeking comment.


The station is now owned by Entercom, which scooped up V-103’s predecessor owner CBS Radio in November, 2017. I heard Entercom isn’t quite as generous with salaries as CBS was. It also doesn’t support remote broadcasts, which used to be a standard feature on V-103.

Ski, 54, will be paired up with a younger female co-host soon, though I am not 100% sure who it is.

Smith got upset in the fall when she and comic Katt Williams began roasting each other and she felt like Ski didn’t cut it off before it got out of hand. She also wasn’t happy that he had posted the roast portion on YouTube, which went viral.

Wanda Smith Husband Explains What Happened!

Katt Williams’ viral V-103 interview has taken on a life of it’s own.

The tense exchange between Atlanta radio co-host Wanda Smith and the legendary comedian quickly went from spreading online to a physical confrontation between Williams and Smith’s Husband LaMorris Sellers.


Sellers, who is reported to have pulled a gun out on the comedian after Katt roasted Wanda on the radio, is now sharing his side of story.

Details below…

LaMorris Sellers recently spoke with Rodney Ho of the AJC and states that it wasn’t his intention to get physical with the star.

Sellers wants to make things clear that Williams instigated the situation.  He believes Williams created drama to help generate headlines to promote his upcoming tour and Netflix special.

“I wasn’t trying to cause a commotion,” Sellers said.

“I proceeded to walk past the bodyguard. I apologized. ‘Nothing personal against you. He doesn’t pay you enough to do this job.’ I could tell from his expression and demeanor he didn’t want no part of what Katt was doing.” [Sellers never got the bodyguard’s name.]

Sellers, who is 6’2’’ and 370 pounds, got around Williams’ hefty bodyguard and began chasing the fleeing comedian. The bodyguard caught up to Sellers and they began tussling, Sellers said.

[READ: Surveillance Footage Released of Katt Williams/LaMorris Sellers Confrontation (VIDEO)]

Sellers admits he chased the comedian but says he didn’t not pull his weapon. He reiterates Wanda Smith’s story that the gun fell out of his waistband, but he picked it up and resumed chase.

The both ran into the Food Depot but Williams had retreated into the aisles. Sellers decided to back off because of the crowd.

This situation made me look like the weakest, lamest person in the world.

It made me look like I got mad because my wife got roasted by Katt Williams on the air. It had nothing to do with what was on the air. That’s what comedians do. When he came to the club, he targeted my wife.

As a man, I’m not built like that. I couldn’t possibly let that happen. I have to protect my wife. I wasn’t looking for conflict. I just wanted him to keep it moving. He chose to do different.


What are your thoughts about this ongoing drama?



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