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Would You Challenge Your Black Child To A Fight? This Mother Did & Live Streamed It To The World! (Video)

Would You Challenge Your Black Child To A Fight? This Mother Did & Live Streamed It To The World! (Video)

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The Terminatrix Is Real!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Across generations, mothers and daughters have had to navigate complex family dynamics. Conflicts are not uncommon in family dynamics, but a recent trend of publicizing these intimate (and, in this case, violent) struggles on social media has been a cause for concern from the public.

Honestly, I believe that black women hate their children and they hate their daughters more than either! A viral video of a mother and daughter arguing back and forth captured on the teen’s now private Instagram, BiggLuhhK1, has stirred controversy.  The daughter is seen in the 17-minute clip walking into a closet and gathering her clothing as her pregnant mother calls her a name.

Furious Mom Livestreams Herself Beating Teen Then Kicking Her Out for Fighting Back, Sparking Outrage Online
Pregnant woman beats her daughter while livestreaming. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/Mariupfr)

“Why the hell are you laughing at a fight? That don’t even go together,” the mom asks, referencing an earlier incident where the daughter is believed to have been fighting. She then tells the girl that she is taking too long to finish what she is doing.

It is unknown if she is doing a chore or packing to leave.

As the mother follows the daughter, a thick belt waves in front of the camera, and those following the incident on Live are dropping death skulls in the comments.

The mother continues to insult the daughter, carrying her phone, saying, “You wanted to be Live so bad; this is Live for you. I whupped your a–, pregnant and all.”

The teen puts on a hoodie, and the mother tells her to take it off, but she doesn’t, which makes the mom even more mad.

“Stop playing with me like I am one of your friends,” the mother says. “Told you, since you want to make it go live. I can make it live. Now you trying to act like you big and bad, you were just in this b–ch crying.”

The exchange escalates from the mother talking about the daughter for thinking she is tough to criticizing her for not making the bed. Then, the mother pauses momentarily and briefly checks the live audience. The daughter sees her and asks a question about the livestream, making the mother snap again.

Knowing that an audience is watching, the mom says, “Fight me! Since you want to fight. You don’t want to fight me?” Nonchalantly, the daughter responds, “We can,” which sends the mother over the edge.

With the belt in hand, she viciously attacks the teen, grabbing her hair and pushing her off-camera, shouting, “We can. Let’s hit then, baby.”

Afterward, the mom puts the child out of her house, forbidding her from getting clothes and shoes that the mother bought. The rest of the video shows the mother enforcing her demand for the girl to get out, take nothing, and understand she is not welcome in her home.

Social media was shocked at what transpired, mostly blasting the mother for her violent behavior and lack of care for the child.

“There is discipline, and then there’s abuse,” a comment on YouTube read. “This is clearly mental, physical, and emotional abuse.”

“As a mother, I am fully aware of how these teens can be so disrespectful, but I could never treat my child like this or record it. You hate your child,” one person wrote. Another person wrote, “Women like this don’t deserve to have children. This is absolutely heartbreaking.”

While many found the exchange outrageous, one person said she went through something similar.

“I went through stuff like this as a teenager, and it’s so validating to see this comment section and to see people clearly saying this is wrong,” one person recalled, celebrating that the mother’s actions are not being applauded. “The worst thing is when your family will turn a blind eye to this or act like it’s ‘normal.’ No teenager deserves to go through this.”

Atlanta Black Star reached out to the teen for an update and has not received a comment from her as of publishing.

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