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Black Houston Woman Arrested For Screaming In Public! Other Countries Don’t Play That Queen Sh*t! (Video)

Black Houston Woman Arrested For Screaming In Public! Other Countries Don’t Play That Queen Sh*t! (Video)

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By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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Houston woman detained in Dubai, charged with screaming in public

The last two months are described as “terrifying” for a Houston woman who we’re told is being detained in Dubai. FOX 26’s Damali Keith is in Downtown Houston with more on why she’s being held.

HOUSTON – The last two months are described as “terrifying” for a Houston woman who we’re told is being detained in Dubai. So, why is she being held?

The “crime” Tierra Young Allen is charged with may surprise you

Dubai is increasingly a vacation destination for a number of Houston women. Now, one is trying to get back to the Bayou City, but we’re told her passport has been confiscated because her mom says she’s been charged with the crime of screaming in public.

“It also could result in prison time. So it’s very scary,” explains Allen’s mom Tina Baxter who says the trip turned terrifying for her daughter Tierra Young Allen when she was a passenger in a friend’s rental car, and they got into an accident there in Dubai.

Baxter says when her daughter went to the rental car company to retrieve her ID, credit card, and other items left in the rental it didn’t go well.javascript:false

“She found out she could only receive those items if she paid an undisclosed amount of money. She dealt with a very aggressive individual a young man there who was screaming at her,” Baxter adds, and she says her 29-year-old daughter ultimately yelled back resulting in her daughter being charged for screaming there in Dubai.

“She is in jail for one reason and one reason alone, she raised her voice. In that country, a female is not even allowed to raise her voice. If she raises her voice it’s punishable by jail time,” explains Community Activist Quanell X.

“It’s been very emotional. There are some days I stay up all night crying,” says Baxter while choking back tears.

“They have a strict law system that is really based on theocracy,” Quanell adds. One website warns “Laws and customs are very different, so be aware of your actions to ensure they don’t offend” while in the United Arab Emirates.

Thousands of Americans who were looking to leave the country this summer won’t be able to thanks to a major backup of passport applications. Some people have been waiting months to get their passport. Jessica Formoso from our sister station in New York City spoke with frustrated travelers.

Now after Baxter says her daughter was charged with screaming in Dubai she says her passport has been taken, and the American social media influencer who works as a truck driver can’t leave the UAE. She also says her daughter has now been placed under a travel ban pending the outcome of the investigation.

“It’s very frightening. The longer she’s been there the more reality has started to kick in,” Baxter says.

“In our opinion, she did not commit a crime. Don’t punish women for doing the same thing a man can do in Dubai. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I’ve reached out to Dubai Consulate. I’ve reached out to the American Consulate there in Dubai,” Quanell explains.

I have also reached out to the US and UAE embassies. I’m still awaiting responses.

The 29-year-old does have an attorney there in Dubai, and she’s been told she could be sentenced to jail time because there is surveillance video of her screaming.

We’re told Allen is originally from San Diego, CA but her mom says she and her daughter have lived here in Katy for the last three years.

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