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‘SNL’ Turns The Rape Of Black Women & Slavery Into A Joke But The Skit Was Acted Out & Written By Black Women! (Video)

‘SNL’ Turns The Rape Of Black Women & Slavery Into A Joke But The Skit Was Acted Out & Written By Black Women! (Video)

by May 4, 2014 4 comments

SNL Outrage Nowhere To Be Found

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So what do you think would happen if I said in a video, blog or live show that black women had a better chance of getting served during slavery than they do now because the only way that they could actully get a man was to be forced?  Can you image the fake Kneegrow Outrage that would come at me?  People calling me an uncle tom, a coon, people telling me that I cant travel to their cities and I should have a bullet in my head because of it, yeah thats about how that would go down.

Well, I didn’t say any of these things but the fine new black female writers along with the new black female cast member decided that they can say all of these things and they would be hilarious.  Just watch!

First off, when is the last time SNL was funny? Second, where are the Donald Sterling Haters at?

So now where are the black people saying that I am making black women look bad?  Where are the black people stalking these women and their families?  Where are the 100,000 black men against SNL?  Against The actress or the writers?  You know where they are?  Nowhere to be found because they will never ever stand up for what they claim they are standing up for.

Now this skit did have its humor.  You know the part where she was saying she was just as manly as any man or the fact that she cant get a man to willingly take her anywhere. Oh Oh lets not forget the part where she praised the slave master for giving her the biggest strongest buck on the plantation to mate with if this was back then.  You gotta admit, the humor was right on *Scarcasm Alert*  So, will the coon train have their photos on it? Nah because that would be too much like right wouldnt it!

Make sure you pay attention to the sterotypical language, the anger, the lusting after the white man, the voice, the fat, the claiming she strong, the violence, the foul mouth, the acting like glozell and other black women showing their teeth and acting straight stupid!  Smart mouth to her white boss all that!

The article below is from a group of black women who didn’t find it so funny and maybe you shouldn’t either!

‘SNL’ Turns the Rape of Enslaved Women into a Punchline


 photo Screenshot2014-05-04at121842PM.png
Be careful what you wish for.

For years many of us called on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to add a Black woman to its cast. Sasheer Zamata was hired as a cast member in January and LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones joined the writer’s room. But unfortunately it seems the presence of Black women’s bodies has only emboldened the long-running variety show to make tasteless jokes that they otherwise would have avoided.

Last night, Leslie Jones was featured in a disgusting segment in which she proudly asserts that she would have been picked 1st in the slave draft.  “Back in the slave days, I woulda never been single,” she explained. “I’m 6 feet tall and I’m strong. I mean look at me. I’m a Mandingo.”

Let’s remember that Leslie is joking about the habitual rape of enslaved women. The callousness with which that history is treated is absolutely horrifying.



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  1. nostraquarius
    #1 nostraquarius 4 May, 2014, 23:39

    Oh I get it, it is funny because it is true. but it is bad because it is comedy. Black people don’t watch SNL anyway. Negros protest and they would lose 12 viewers…TJ is trying to prove a point about those other guys.

  2. supervince
    #2 supervince 5 May, 2014, 03:19

    Very unfunny show. Don’t know why this show is still on. Maybe they keep it on because it’s a vehicle for up and coming white comedians to improve their comedy and acting.

  3. kit3086
    #3 kit3086 5 May, 2014, 15:52

    Stupid skit. Wasn’t funny. The 3 stooges that wrote that crap should be fired. You could tell the other actor was a little uncomfortable during the skit too. Why did SNL sign off on this?

  4. Nadia
    #4 Nadia 8 September, 2014, 09:06

    Comedy often exagerates stereotypes, and many jokes are based on laughing at one self. I don’t think it was that bad, definately not to deserve “outrage, backslashs, document dropping”… You may think it’s funny or not so much, but it’s just comedy, not a life or death situation such as shootings, mothers neglecting children, etc., we cannot treat it all the same.

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