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Skateboard P Pharrell’s All White ‘G I R L’ Album Cover Gets Black Beasties & Hair Hats Angry! (Video)

Skateboard P Pharrell’s All White ‘G I R L’ Album Cover Gets Black Beasties & Hair Hats Angry! (Video)

by February 27, 2014 1 comment

Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’ Album Cover Sparks Racial Controversy

By: Tommy Sotomayor

Ok Seriously,

Black women today are not even close to strong!  As a matter of fact, I would say that black women today are the weakest group of women on the planet by far!  There is no one more weak than the average black woman in america because if you look at them, they are always damn complaining about something.

What they usually are complaining about is childish as hell and its the lack of attention!!!  (Black women please do the world a favor, stop being so easy to troll and get some damn self esteem!)

That issue was farther illustrated with the album cover and subsequent articles like the one below that have black women upset at the whole world yet again in the past 24 hours.

Everyday it seems like another issue is pissing off the hair hat brigade and they must be heard!  There is actually an article by Perez Hilton which says that inside of every gay man is a fierce black woman so black women will you get mad at this white man who basically said the same thing about you that I and most of the world says about you?  You have become a shell of yourself if you indeed ever was a queen of anything.  Right now black women are only queens of denial!

Why are you always hurt about not being included in something, ever thought that maybe just maybe people dont want you and thats ok!! I get told everyday by at least 20 of you black women that I am ugly, black as hell, gay and just over all not worthy of someone being with me yet I can go on with my day and still feel good about myself!  How is that?  Because I dont think the world or anyone outside of my house owes me anything and these people are attacking me directly!

No one attacks black women directly very often yet they always mad!  If Pharrell was smart he wouldnt have black women on his album cover because the name of his song is ‘happy’ not pissed off or in jail or on child support or depressed or suicidal or threatened or emasculated or any of the other terms that seem to be associated with men surrounded by black women.  Well, too bad you think that throwing a fit will make the rest of the world give you the undue praise that you think you deserve.. OH, EAT THE CAKE BECAUSE YOU HAVE EARNED IT!

P.S.  Couldnt all of them actually be black?  I mean yall love to claim anyone with as you say, one drop so why not claim one of those beautiful black women?  Oh wait, if they were mixed then you would call him color struck right after saying we all black!  lol Go Barack Obama and Paula

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Pharrell‘s ‘G I R L’ album arrives March 3, but the ‘Happy’ singer’s project is sparking some controversy before its official release.


The cover art for the effort features the producer-rapper surrounded by three models, all of fair skin. Due to the absence of African-American women in the image, the album cover has been deemed racist by many who wonder why none of the women are black.

The debate heated up on Twitter today (Feb. 26), as journalists and fans argued both sides.

“I’m sure Pharrell’s album is great, he’s been making the best music of his life. Cover was disappointing. Google Chokwe Lumumba,” said veteran writer Dream Hampton, who believes the ‘G I R L’ cover is problematic.

“Well… I can only speak for me. Here’s what I want: For Black women of all hues to be represented proportionately in popular culture,” echoed Twitter user Corporate Barbie.


Others weren’t so sure that the artwork was intended to be racist.

“Why people trippin bout Pharrell album cover? I dnt see why they saying it’s racist,” asked Kenny Power.

Sailor Neptune argued that Pharrell couldn’t be racist since he’s black himself. “As a member of the minority group, Pharrell choosing to exclude black females from his album cover cannot, by definition, be a racist act,” she wrote.


Some even pointed to Pharrell’s black wife, Helen, as proof that he isn’t racist. “Ohhhh no @Pharrell has no black girls on his album cover… But has a black wife…. so move on,” wrote one opinionated Twitter user.


Do you think Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’ album cover is art or an issue? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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