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Parents In Blue States Fight Back, ‘Are Tired Of Leftists Telling Them To Shut Up:’ WSJ Editorial

Parents In Blue States Fight Back, ‘Are Tired Of Leftists Telling Them To Shut Up:’ WSJ Editorial

by September 5, 2023 0 comments

By: Summer

A California school district adopted a parent-friendly transparency policy in July, prompting a lawsuit from the attorney general’s office

Blue states adopting policies to keep parents in the dark about their gender identity reveal the left’s “disdain for parents,” an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal argued.

“It takes a village but in California, parents aren’t welcome,” WSJ editorial board member Allysia Finley bluntly wrote regarding the battle between California parents and the state over a parental notification policy.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the state was suing the Chino Valley Unified School District [CVUSD] Board of Education after it voted 4-1 in July to require staff to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender. The lawsuit follows other central California school districts passing parental notification policies. 

Finley argued parents were getting fed up by the liberal state’s education policies, pointing to the diversity of parents who supported the policy.

“[T]he district is by no stretch a conservative bastion,” she wrote. “Republicans make up only about a third of voters, and only 12% of students are White. The policy was spurred by parents of all colors and political stripes who complained that school employees were encouraging their children to adopt opposite-sex identities,” she added.

However, Attorney General Bonta warned this policy “wrongfully and unconstitutionally” discriminated against and violated the privacy rights of LGBTQ+ students.

Finley claimed the state’s response showed the left’s underlying belief that parents who “don’t subscribe to the left’s woke ideology” are “a mortal danger to their children.”

“The lawsuit encapsulates the popular view of left-wing governments: Parents can’t be trusted with their own children,” she wrote.

More parents in blue states are speaking out against liberal school policies that leave them in the dark regarding their child’s health and well-being, a WSJ opinion piece argued. (Asra Normani)

The writer backed up her claims by citing New York state’s education policy that forbids parents from being notified about their child’s gender identity in some cases and the Biden administration targeting parent protesters as “domestic terrorists” at the request of the National School Boards Association. She also noted how some on the left parrot communist ideas about the state being better suited to raise children than parents.

“Education bureaucrats don’t want their authority questioned,” she said. But more families are “leaving the village,” she said, citing a stark decline in public school enrollment.

“Pandemic school closures probably aren’t the only culprit. The underlying reason is that parents want a say in the education of their children and are tired of leftists telling them to shut up,” she wrote.

California parental rights activists rally in Sacramento. (Fox & Friends/Screenshot)

CVUSD President Sonja Shaw called the state’s lawsuit against the district another example of where it has tried to “shut parents out of their children’s lives.”

“Once again this is government overreach and the political cartel of Bonta, Newsom and Thurmond is using their muscle and taxpayers dollars to shut parents out of their children’s lives. We again had to learn first hand from reporters of their lawsuit. Bonta can’t even cite a law we are breaking in the documents and I find it a joke,” she previously told Fox News Digital.

Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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