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Oakland DA Accuses Critics Of Racism As Upset Residents Express Outrage Over Crime

Oakland DA Accuses Critics Of Racism As Upset Residents Express Outrage Over Crime

by September 10, 2023 1 comment

By: Summer

It’s Official: Yelling Racism Is The Automatic Response To Any Form Of Criticism, Whether Warranted Or Not!!!

Other Oakland officials have claimed that residents slamming the city for not doing enough on crime are making political attacks against the government

A California district attorney has claimed that allegations that she has soft-on-crime policies are actually racist attacks against her.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price and some of her supporters slammed Oakland residents who have been complaining that crime is too high in the major California city and that the DA is not doing enough. 

In addition to dismissing these locals’ concerns as “racism,” Price and her allies claimed the elected official was being unfairly treated by a disenfranchised community. 

The district attorney’s attacks on Oakland residents came in response to a wave of recent criticism against her and the city as locals believe crime is out of control. She ran for office on a progressive platform of what some call “restorative justice.”

This criticism has peaked with crowds of concerned citizens turning out to a block rally on Saturday in East Oakland to protest the way the city’s crime is being combated.

Former Oakland city councilmember Loren Taylor told CBS News about the “Neighbors Together Oakland” rally, stating, “This event is community members — neighbors — coming together acknowledging that their voices have not been heard.”

Taylor described the crime problem, adding, “People are afraid to leave their homes, go downtown. We’ve got other challenges — everything from the rising homelessness to blight — and there’s a sense that it’s just ‘business as usual’ by elected officials.”

Other residents at the rally told the outlet about how the crime rate has affected them. Robberies are drastically up year-over-year in the city, as are carjackings.

“We’re very worried about where Oakland is and we’re scared. Some of us are scared to go to the lake or just go shopping. You have to think twice about it when you go to the grocery store,” Gina Rivera admitted.

Another Oakland citizen at the rally, Lynne Cooper, accused the city of not enforcing the law. 

“There is no single solution but not enforcing the laws we have and removing consequences for breaking laws is no way to ensure the safety of a community,” Cooper said.

Supporters of Alameda County DA, Pamela Rice hold signs at a rally outside of Alameda County Courthouse, Sunday, April 23, 2023. (Flight Risk for Fox News Digital)

However, Price slammed these concerns against city officials and herself as politically and racially motivated. CBS News quoted her as saying, “That’s racism. I’m calling it for what it is.” 

She added, “If you believe the media hype, I went from a well-respected lawyer and businesswoman with 40 years of experience in this community to a bumbling, incompetent idiot who knew nothing about the law or the criminal justice system.”

Price supporter Erin Coffey defended the DA, telling the outlet, “There is a lot of upset in the community and there’s — among the youth — a lot of disenfranchisement. That’s not Pamela Price. We live in a world right now when things are very difficult for many people, partly because the criminal justice system has been so unfair, so far.”

At a community safety event, held near and around the same time at the “Neighbors Together Rally,” Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao claimed she has worked to increase law enforcement. She also criticized the disgruntled rallygoers, especially those calling for her to issue a state of emergency to address the crime wave. 

Thao said, “Calling for a state of emergency right now when we are doing everything this would allow for us to do? I mean, let’s call it what it is. It’s just political theater. And so, for me, I’m about doing the action and doing the work and so this work has already been done. I’ve already got the investments. On to the next!”

The DA’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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  1. privatus
    #1 privatus 12 September, 2023, 14:17

    Race- based differential prosecution is an example of critical race theory at work. The problem, granting more leniency to those engaging in criminal acts is only encouraging a spike in crime, that would seem like common sense to most people.

    It seems idiotic to me that people would blindly vote for one political party and not pay attention to the platform of the candidates. These folks in California allegedly hated Trump’s policy for “America First” and got America Last, that includes law and order for locales like Oakland California.

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