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2 Beastie Moms Arrested & Charged With Leaving Their 4 Kids Home While They Went To The Club! (Video)

2 Beastie Moms Arrested & Charged With Leaving Their 4 Kids Home While They Went To The Club! (Video)

by April 19, 2014 3 comments

The Queens Of Black People!

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So this is the story of 2 Black Queens who are lording over 4 black princes while there is no black King in sight!  But never fear, beacause these Black Queens were trying to fix that by going to the nearest place to find a replacement king, you local night club! But alas, those hatin arse chicken at the King finding club started Dis-Re-Spekin the Black Queens and them fools had to be dealt with!

Now these Queens couldnt find anyone of Royal blood line so they had to make the sacrifice of leaving the 4 Princes home alone while they went out in search of these Kings before the hatin arse chickens arrived!

Remember what I told you guys about how bad the skin of most black women is today?  Just look at the photos below and see that they both have on hair hats but no sign of proactive!

4 Kids, 2 Women and 1 club… Yep this is what this story is about.  And again, it is all boys who they left at home alone to be murdered, taken advantage of or anything or the oldest boy might have decided to harm the younger children.  Seriously what the hell is a 10 year old going to do with a 1 year old when my daughter was 1 and i was 31 I wanted to pull my hair with her one night because I as an adult couldn’t handle it!

Its starting to seem like most black women are having a bunch of black kids so they can baby sit the other ones because think about how many of us as kids who could barely keep ourselves, ended up baby sitting siblings and cousins?  Its not right and these women were more willing to go clubbing than be parents!

Kids didnt ask to be here, but you S.I.M.P.s will defend them and when the boys grow up they will be forced to say that they had good moms because they made it to adult hood even though their moms were not responsible enough to one not have so many and two do your best with the ones you have!

The fathers of these kids, if they miss 1 child support payment will be called deadbeats for life! hmmm, How many more stories do we have to hear like this before maybe someone says there is a problem with these women?

Snapshot 2 (4-18-2014 1-37 AM)d
MARIETTA — Two sisters were arrested last weekend after Cobb Police say they left four young children home alone for a couple of hours while the women went to a club in Marietta.

According to a warrant, from 1 to 3:45 a.m. on April 5, at the Crescent Square Apartments on Austell Road in Marietta, Mykel Loud and Ashley Loud got into a physical altercation.

Police say Ashley Loud had a cut on her right foot and inside her mouth. According to a warrant, her left hand also appeared to be broken. The warrant stated Mykel Loud had a bruise under her left eye.

Cobb Police say the fight was committed in front of four young boys: a 10-year-old, 5-year-old, 4-year-old and 1-year-old, who are the sons of the two women.

According to the warrant, both sisters were charged with three misdemeanors, including contributing to the deprivation of a minor, battery and cruelty to children.

Ashley Loud was granted a $5,000 bond and released on Monday. Mykel Loud was not granted bond, and has not been released from the Cobb County jail.
Mykel Loud

Mykel Loud

Ashley Loud
Ashley Loud

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  1. dagimp
    #1 dagimp 19 April, 2014, 11:56

    I realize that all good free things come to an end and the price is fair. Ive beeen watching you for ove r 6 months now and love to see and comment with other fans.. In plain terms what can a broke brother get. or can I officer some kind of work or service to help you promote the cause.

    • nostraquarius
      nostraquarius 20 April, 2014, 09:14

      I agree brother. I think it was harder for Tommy to decide to charge for the site that it was for me to come off $100; and I’m broke too!

      I’m excited about the evolution of the movement as well. I try to help by spreading the word, wearing the shirts, and raising my standards in women…and donated when I can.

  2. nostraquarius
    #2 nostraquarius 20 April, 2014, 09:00

    Hair hats are a microcosm of the mentality perpetuated by single black mothers to their children. It implies that it is as effective to change the appearance of circumstance as it is to acquire the skills necessary to deal with the challenges life presents.

    It is most disturbing to me that this mentality starts with something as basic, recurring, and universal as hair care.

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