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Lil Wayne Makes Sure That There Are Beautiful Women Around Him At Times, So Why Are People Mad? Here’s Why…

Lil Wayne Makes Sure That There Are Beautiful Women Around Him At Times, So Why Are People Mad? Here’s Why…

by May 9, 2014 5 comments

What Gives?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor



He has a great back story.  Young kid, grew up in the ghetto where most people would die before the age of 21 but he turned his problems into prosperity.

The young man responsible for some of the hottest catch phrazes in rap music history is now living the american dream.  Lots of money, fast cars, fans and yes WOMEN!  What man wouldnt want this lifestyle.  Hell I know I would, so what is the issue then?

Well it started a long time ago when the rapper Lil Wayne would make comments about his attraction to what he referred to as RED women, meaning a lighter skin tone of black woman.  This did not sit well with black women.

See although black people claim that all black people are the same, in the black community it is wrong to have a preference for anyone unless its the so called bottom.  Being dark skinned or fat in the black community is considered the bottom.  So if you say that you love only dark skinned or fat women then skinny women or light skinned women will not or better yet can not get upset.  But if you were to say that you like light skinned women who are already looked upon as having an advantage anyway then you would be called COLOR STRUCK!

I am not sure why being color struck is such a bad thing when women are money struck and penis struck all the time but no one has an issue with it.   I am a man that loves big breast so does that make me t*tty struck?  And if so why does that bother anywone else?

Back to the subject, Lil Wayne after getting backlash for liking lighter skinned black women has been getting even more backlash now.  This time it is because the women he has been seen photographed with lately are not black at all.  I mean all white chicks or other than black chicks and it has driven black women crazy.  I am not sure what the issue is so I am hoping some people can tell me what it is.

The photo on the top is of Lil Wayne with a lot of white chicks with the caption of, Lil Wayne is only seen with the most beautiful women around him.  Well that caption made black women go off on the person who posted this using words like sell out, coon, calling Wayne ugly, gremlin, tar baby, black ashy and too many other names for me to jot down at once but why?

Why is it that they insult his skin color in an attempt to shame him away from his preference?  Why would he want to be with women who view him as a tarbaby anyway?  We all know that black people hate black people more than anyone else so why is it an issue that this man isnt interested in them?  Have you noticed that black guys who date non black women get into less bar fights, lets club fights, lets court cases, less drama period?  So why wouldnt he do this?

Should a man who is black forced to only like women who look like his momma?  If so, why is it that no one ever had a problem with Barack Obama being with a black woman because well, “his momma white”?  This whole situation is weird to me at best because it seems that the majority of black women wear their insecurity on their shoulders proudly.  I mean, why not say people like who they like and its none of my business?

Black women, please take my word for this, other races of women are laughing at you when you show such emotion for these men.  Black women are the only people who claim other races of women can take their best men.  Black women are the only people who make videos and magazine articles about losing their good men to other women.  It make black men more want to go outside of their race because you act a fool when they do.  Remember, if it seems forbidden then it seems more interesting.

Lets be honest black women, you idiolize non black women, because if you didnt, you wouldnt walk around 24/7 with their hair on your head!  And lets also be honest here, it only seems like black women have an issue when they think the guy has some money.  Black women didn’t care who I was with before.  I was lame, ugly, black as hell, tar baby but now they have an issue with the person I am with?  But I must say in my case its the guys who are throwing the most shade and threats but we can address that at a later date.  But black women, you are the only ones who say, as soon as a brother get a lil money he want to get an upgrade referring to either mixed chicks or non black women.  So if you call them an upgrade wouldnt that make me more want to get one?

Lastly, why does his preference have to only be black women yet you never hear people say that about black women who only date lightskinned men or white men?  Hell or rich men for that matter?  Please explain to me why so many people have an issue with Wayne for his dating preferences and why is it that black women think that a black man is not allowed to find other races of women more attractive than they are?