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Youtuber Kevin Lust Over @TjSotomayor ‘s Girlfriend & Car In A Weird Emotional Rant! Black Men Please Do Better! (Video)

Youtuber Kevin Lust Over @TjSotomayor ‘s Girlfriend & Car In A Weird Emotional Rant! Black Men Please Do Better! (Video)

by July 1, 2014 22 comments

I Just Don’t Get It!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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So, the second youtuber who has openly lusted over my girlriend has shown his face and envy over a woman that I am with.

I’m sorry people but these are not the actions of sane men and this is also the 5 guy from the military that has some type of unhealty obsession for me.

The man that you will see in the video below, his name is Kevin Smith and what you are about to witness is him going on and on about my girlfriend, how fine she is and about my car.  I have no idea what made him do this video but watch and see the state of the modern day black man!

So this grown man made this video talking about how fine another mans girlfriend is, same as that other fool Loser Attitude or Low Assets, I cant quite remember his name but he called my show talking about how fine my girl is.

I understand giving people props for the person they picked but these dudes are Ethering themselves.  All I have to do is post their own words, not editited, just their words showing how crazy they are.

This guy Kevin Smith a few years ago, used to be fan of mine then all of a sudden he was making videos about me.  I dont address him and I dont know anything about him but he keeps calling me gay, fraud etc.  In one video he says I defrauded the insurance company to get my car then the next he says Im still paying a car note so my question is which is it?

In one sentence he says I must be sad I lost my girlfriend in the next he says I am gay.

In one sentence he says I shouldnt be talking about my car then he turns around and talks about the car he would have.  You guys have to understand the sickness of all of the people who stalk me and make videos to me.  These are the progressive black men who hate me and all I have to say is that this is why the black man isnt sh*t because they have no problem making straight jackasses of themselves just for a couple of views!

Looking at these people should tell you why it takes 10000 black men to try to take me

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