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Tommy Sotomayor & Jesse Watters Discuss Gay Farmers, Satanist & Swedish Gender Neutral Pronoun Podcast! 3-28-24 (Video)

Tommy Sotomayor & Jesse Watters Discuss Gay Farmers, Satanist & Swedish Gender Neutral Pronoun Podcast! 3-28-24 (Video)

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These People Are Serious!!!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

A queer, trans farmer cultivating joy and greater diversity in agriculture | Bo Dennis of Dandy Ram Farm in Monroe, MaineThe Urban Exodus Podcast

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I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with Bo Dennis of Dandy Ram Farms. Bo is a flower farmer, a new farmer advocate and rural queer activist.

This is an insightful and honest interview, and I’m very grateful for Bo’s trust in sharing his story on the podcast. As a queer and trans person who has lived in rural spaces his entire adult life, Bo’s lived experiences offer a glimpse into the hardships LGBTQ+ people still face when it comes to accessing health services, and feeling safe and accepted in their rural communities.

He has lived in small towns throughout Maine, ranging from a small island of only 11 year-round residents to current hometown with 900 residents. Bo is deeply passionate about breaking down the many barriers in farming and speaks on the real need for more financial transparency and acknowledgment of privilege in the small-scale farming space.

In addition to running his small-scale flower business, Bo also works for the Maine Organic Famers and Growers Association – as a New Farmer’s Program Specialist – where he helps connect new farmers to educational, financial and infrastructure support to get their farm business going.

In our conversation today we speak about his experience as a queer person living in rural America, farming and farm activism, making a living as a farmer while grappling with erratic climate shifts, and his hopes for the future of agriculture.

This is a story about self-love, resilience, and not letting anything get in the way of living your purpose. I hope you enjoy.

To find links to Bo’s website, social accounts and to see images from our visit to Dandy Ram Farm on the Urban Exodus Blog.

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