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Father Loses His Job & Gets Jailed For Not Paying Child Support That He Actually Paid By Vendictive Black Women! (Video)

Father Loses His Job & Gets Jailed For Not Paying Child Support That He Actually Paid By Vendictive Black Women! (Video)

by March 5, 2014 1 comment

Every Man For Himself!

By: Tommy Sotomayor

You guys know that I started doing this over 6 years ago with my small little radio show that would broadcast on blogtalkradio.   This show was just about me talkinga bout the things that plague the black community and one of those main issues was child support!

Yeah people looked at me as just another dead beat dad that was mad at the system venting about how bad black women had done him but no it wasnt that at all.  Durning my time in jail I found myself surrounded by men who were put in there for reasons that mostly centered around women and I thought to myself, wtf really?

I started to understand that the court system has no interest in justice when it comes to men and especially black men.  It is the modern day slavery and the black women are in on the con game!

After watching this video, you cant still think that I am making this up by saying the majority of black women are the enemy of black men?  Black women are the producers of these black male kids but when they become adults its open season on the men!  The kids are usually lost because the women will choose the poorest excuse for men to procreate with and the cycle continues.

The woman in this story was so cold that she was still trying to get him in trouble with the law by telling them he was getting unemployment and that she should get that check too even though he had given her half of that check under the table.  These women dont care about us man.  How could a person just tell these type of lies when they know the penalty they carry and still be ok with themselves?

The terminatrix is real people and it is the vendictive black woman.  They love to tell us how white women will screw you over but please take a look around you!  Who do you see screwing over most of the black men that you personally know?  What type of sick stuff do you see them doing?  Exactly!

I dont care who doesnt like me or what I say, I will continue to fight for the rights of men and especially black men because at the end of the day, everyone hates us, including us!!!

Its time to change that and make sure that this one sided justice system recognizes as not as sperm donors but as fathers, but as MEN!!  Our value to our kids lives and to society as a whole should be viewed no less than that of the women!