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Today Back In 1916, Black Teen Lynched, Burned & Castrated By Waco Texas Citizens!

Today Back In 1916, Black Teen Lynched, Burned & Castrated By Waco Texas Citizens!

by May 16, 2014 2 comments

Why Are We Not More Angry

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor



The photo above is from a horrific act that were done against a black teen back in 1916 while whites stood around watching and cheering.  WHY ARE WE NOT ANGRY?


Jesse Washington a teenage African American farmhand was lynched on this date in 1916 in what became known as The Waco Horror. Washington was accused of raping and murdering his employer’s wife after she was found dead. Law enforcement interrogated Jesse Washington, eventually obtaining a confession. Washington was tried for murder in Waco, Texas, in a courtroom filled with furious locals.

He entered a guilty plea and was quickly sentenced to receive capital punishment. After his sentence was pronounced, he was dragged
out of the court by observers and lynched in front of city hall. Over 10,000 spectators, including city officials and police, gathered to watch the attack.

Members of the mob castrated Washington, cut off his fingers, and hung him over a bonfire. He was repeatedly lowered and raised over the fire to delay his death. After the fire was extinguished, Jesse Washington’s charred torso was dragged through the town and parts of his body were sold as souvenirs.

A professional photographer took pictures as the event unfolded, providing rare photographs of a lynching in progress. The pictures were printed and sold as postcards in Waco, Texas. Although
the lynching was supported by many Waco residents, it was condemned by newspapers around
the United States.


Tommy Sotomayor Says:  Why are we not fighting our a$$es off against the white man today?  Why are we not at his head every chance that we get?  Why do we still seek his aproval after all that has been done to blacks in a country that prides itself on going after other nations for how bad they treat their people?

No group has been done as bad as the blacks in America have been done yet here we are still begging for reparations that will never come and acceptance that we should reject instead of embracing.

The black man had his fight stripped from him and today all we do is fight each other.  Where is this same anger towards our oppressor?  Where is the fight in the black man?

No other group could allow this to happen to them and not want to get some sort of revenge.  Yet despite of all the atrocities done to us by them we still fear them.  Our DNA is filled with the scares of what was done to blacks throughout history so we fear what could be done to us.  The only day that the black man in america will truly be free, is when he actually fights to obtain his freedom!

We all know about what happened to the branch Davidians but how often are the horrors that were done to blacks told in media or in hollywood?  They dont want to awaken the anger inside of the black man that has been laying dormat for centuries but I pray that one day we have the balls to demand what was taken from us…. OUR DIGNITY & OUR FIGHT!




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  1. Samson
    #1 Samson 16 May, 2014, 20:57

    Many of us don’t know our history, and many of us are afraid to do anything in fear of feeling isolated than we already are, and not being able to possibly be with women of other races. We want to be accepted, and if not saying what needs to be said will make us FEEL like we belong, then no one is going to say a word.

    It’s easier to fight one another, because we don’t have respect nor fear each other.

  2. nostraquarius
    #2 nostraquarius 17 May, 2014, 00:01

    I just don’t get the idea of fighting white folks. It is strange to me that we feel stronger by degrading someone else’s power.

    What do we want besides what the white man has? We gain power by making the others want what we have. The idea of taking rather than making encourages violence.

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