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Black HoodRatchet Bumble Bee! Be Honest, Do You Find This Behind Attractive? (Video)

Black HoodRatchet Bumble Bee! Be Honest, Do You Find This Behind Attractive? (Video)

by March 14, 2017 0 comments

Ladies & Gentleman, Introducing: The Human Ant!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Have you heard of Ant-Man?  Well let me introduce you to Ant-Hoodwhore or maybe Hoodratchet Bumble Bee B*tch, either way, what you have are black women going out into the world trying to look the most ridiculous in hopes of drawing attention to themselves.  It has gotten so bad for black women that no matter if its positive or negative, they will take any attention that they can get.

The video below is of a woman who was like all black women, in a twerk/dance competition/strip clup looking to have complete strangers lust after her for not what she posses but for what she went out and purchased!  Take a look.

Its hard to believe that the great black female has fallen as far as she has but all you have to do is walk around and you will see how far this queen has fallen.  Black women have fallen down so much that their only defense against this crap is to tell you that your momma is black so therefore you can not speak against it!

They are assuming that chances are that your mom is just as ratchet as she is and you know what, they are right but men that does not mean that you should accept it or ignore the behavior.  Just because a guy had racist parents doesn’t mean that we give him a pass of him being racist or us calling it out! As a matter of fact, if black womens logic was solid then no white person would ever call out a racist white person because they themselves are white!


Tommy Sotomayor