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Hair Hats Attack On St. Pats! Hair Hatted Hooligan Black Women Destroy A Restaurant & No One Could Stop Them! (Video)

Hair Hats Attack On St. Pats! Hair Hatted Hooligan Black Women Destroy A Restaurant & No One Could Stop Them! (Video)

by March 20, 2014 3 comments

If There Is 3 or More Head For The Door!

Say It with me now fellas, “If there is 3 or more Head for the door”!  Thats how I feel about the presence of the Black Terminatrix or the Black Beastie Or The Hair Hatted Hooligan! (All Trade Marked By Me 🙂

Seriously, You have to know that if there is a bunch of black women with weaves on in any public place that someone is going to get hurt.  Black women are the loudest most ignorant group of women on the planet.  Don’t believe me, well go and find me a group of Asian chicks who act like this on a consistant basis.  Go find me the videos of Indian Chicks tearing up public places.  Go and show me the white women walking around with Afro Wigs on playing in it all day while cussing out passer bys.  Go show me the group of Mexican chicks fighting at the train station, throwing their kids and pulling each others weaves out.

Oh you cant?  Well shut the f*ck up then trying to call me or anyone else a self hater when we dont hate ourselves.. we just hate women who act like you!!!

Today I was sent a video by a young man of black women tearing up a public place during St Patrick’s Day Weekend celebration.  Just watch


No offense to anyone but I again ask the question “who is still f*cking black women”?  I had my share in the past and they all ended pretty damn bad.  Now the fact that these women dont have the ability to move on, from a relationship, from an argument, from a fight from anything is what makes me so so sad.  Oh and before you say anything about it, yeah I have a black daughter, and she wants to have nothing to do with most of you either.

She talked about how the black girls in school are always talking about other students, and how they pick fights and are loud when the teacher ask them to be quiet.  She goes out in public with me and sees how out of line black women act in public and so do most black women who dont hang out with a majority of black women.  It just isnt safe around a majority of black people but especially when women are around.  I love my people, but I hate niggers with a passion and we need to seperate NOW from them.  Its time to stop letting us be represented by them!

P.S.  Want more proof that this stuff is sanctioned by the white man to have the terminatrix destroy the black community??? Watch how not one person was sent to jail for this.  They were all allowed to go right back home to their kids and their men with the hopes that seeing how crazy they can act when upset will make them act any crazier when they get home and start operation destroy black men and black children! Oh, and if you slick look at it, the white guy was actually able to get them to stop for just a little while but the voice of the black guy was never able to slow them down, DID YA NOTICE THAT?

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