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Floyd Mayweather & Rapper T.I. Fight Over Wife Tiny At A Las Vegas Fat Burger! (Video)

Floyd Mayweather & Rapper T.I. Fight Over Wife Tiny At A Las Vegas Fat Burger! (Video)

by May 25, 2014 30 comments

Jail Or Hell!!

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor

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They should have never gave you niggas money! Seriously, They never should have, because no matter how rich niggaz are, they still will continue to do dumb nigga sh*t and it will usually center around what?  A damn woman!!!

Lets just get this straight for the record, Floyd will beat the absolute crap out of T.I. and no one should ever question that.  I mean it would be so bad that this dude would literally go to jail for life for doing it to T.I. because his hands are registered as lethal weapons.  That being said, this is also why you never see me hang out with a group of black men.  Nope!  To much estrogen when you get a woman in the middle of them.

I have no real sympathy for T.I. because from the outside looking in, he is always doing this woman dirty to be honest for a long dayum time and then I dont get why people like Nelly and Floyd would be doing other brothers like this.  I mean as many women that there are in the world, how do they keep trading chicks?

Money Mayweather Vs T.I. Live From Fat Burger In Las Vegas by Tommy Sotomayor

Even the rapper 50 cent had to make fun of the idiot behavior going on between these two grown men

So they got ready to rumble and this is how the whole thing kicked off yesterday nite..

Here’s some Memorial Day Weekend drama…

T.I. took a swing at Floyd Mayweather inside a Fatburger on the Vegas Strip early Sunday morning. According to reports and video footage, it was all over T.I.’s wife Tiny hanging out with the champ!

Two days ago, rumors surfaced involving T.I. being linked to a hot Atlanta model Crystal Renay. According to, T.I. liked over 39 of Crystal’s photos. So this latest news of Tiny hanging out with Floyd Mayweather could be her trying to get back at T.I.

Let’s not forget this rumor as well… T.I. being with Alexis Lacey on Mother’s Day.

Also, there’s been a lot speculation about the status of Tip’s marriage to Tiny this year.T.I. fueled divorce rumors when he reportedly bought a new bachelor pad away from his family so that he could be closer to his recording studio.

tiny and floyd mayweather T.I. and Floyd Mayweather STREET FIGHT VIDEO in Vegas!

T.I. is a well-known hot-head… just the other week he mistakenly had a standoff against LA Police with rapper Game.

Click here to see what Floyd Mayweather’s explanation was to this silly fight!

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