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Detoilet ED-209 LE (Lazy Eye Edition) Shoots & Killes 17 Year Old Boy For His Air Jordans! (Video)

Detoilet ED-209 LE (Lazy Eye Edition) Shoots & Killes 17 Year Old Boy For His Air Jordans! (Video)

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Avoid Niggaz At All Cost!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

The sad part about this is that the original story was posted back on Jun 9 2017 on Fox 2 News Detroit and yet most of you have never heard of this story

They love to tell you that I am the issue in the black community and that coons have to go but why is it that no one is going after people like this who are murdering young men?

A 17-year-old shot and killed trying to sell a pair of Nike Air Jordans to a man he met online.

On Friday he was in court for nine charges, all felonies against a Detroit man accused of committing two armed robberies in the span of an hour and a half. The second resulted in the homicide of a teen.

Dante Ford, appeared in court from jail accused of murdering Corey Harris Thomas over a pair of Air Jordan shoes.  It was a deal made over Craiglist. Thomas would meet up at this corner to sell the shoes to Ford, a meeting the victim’s mom warned him about.

“We showed him these stories all the time that happen on the news,” said Deidra Harris-Thomas, his mother. “Not in a million years did I think I would get a call and that it would be my son.”

It happened while sitting in a car at the corner of Fenkell and Pinehurst, Thomas was shot and killed.

“I love my son, I love him to death,” Deidre said. “You try to raise your children right and sometimes they make a wrong turn.”

Now we are learning that less than two hours prior, Ford is accused of stealing a 16-year-old’s Jordan shoes at gunpoint two block from the fatal shooting.
That victim was not hurt, but Ford was already on probation for a gun charge.

The judge told Ford he’ll be staying in jail without a bond because of his prior run-ins with the law.