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World Famous Youtuber Clifton J Rainey Arrested For Beating Up A Black Woman & Tyrone Blames & Threatens Tommy For It! (Video)

by September 18, 2014 12 comments

Locked Up, They Won’t Let Me Out!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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Ladies and gentlemen, I do not take pleasure in saying what I am about to say at all!  World famous Youtuber Clifton J Rainey has been arrested for Domestic Battery & Physical Assault!  In order for it to be domestic it has to be someone in the same home with him.  Also you would assume it is a woman but because of the laws they cannot give the womans name.

Now of course this guy really isn’t world famous and the only reason that people know him is because for almost two years now he has claimed he was going to f*ck me up real bad and he talked about my ex girlfriend over and over like a dog!  He also along with his co host at the Talk Real Stupid crew, harped on how I beat women and how I have been to jail.  Now if they are trying to convince people that they love black women then surely they will go after a youtuber instead of people like lets say “Chris Brown” or people like lets say “Ray Rice” or any other man who has been jailed for such things but you would also assume that they themselves would never find themselves in such a situation.  Well, if you assumed that you would be 100% wrong and here is the video below to prove it!

If you dont believe me then feel free to click here to see the full report, location and the fact that no one from the TRS Crew has bailed this man out!

After seeing all of this evidence of what Mr Rainey actually did, you would assume that Mr Richard Lionel Thompson would be doing was getting some of that money he was using to build his internet radio conglomerate together to bail out a man that after all helped him build his platform to the juggernaut that it is today right?  Well you would be mistaken in that instance as well because not only is Richard Lionel Thompson AKA Tyrone Thompson not doing anything to help this man out but out of nowhere, Mr Thompson not only went on a rampage against people claiming that cliffs arrest was an obvious plan of white supremacy but he then went on to vow that he would go even harder at me (Tommy Sotomayor) because as he put it, “I need to be re-exposed and my arrest record needs to be reposted”!

Dont you guys find it strange that this man can talk about me getting arrested 6 years ago but be so offended that people are discussing Clifton getting arrested 3 days ago yet do nothing to get Cliff out of jail?  Dont you find it amazing that he is continuing to go on about me as if i had anything to do with Cliff being arrested even though at the time I had not said one word about Cliff because I had not even known about it?  This man is saying people need to leave Cliff alone about his personal life and claiming its the plan of white supremacy yet me who has never been convicted of anything he wants to keep saying it because it should show you how bad of a person that I am?

Does no one find this just stupid on its face?  And why would I be a target of his now claiming he had left me alone when that is the farthest thing from the truth?  This man still has a page called 100000 men against me.  This man has continued to put of Tariq Nasheeds videos about me and anyone actually who makes a video about me.  He watches my live shows and lies like saying I am no longer doing my shows live because I am a scared punk when no one ever see him anywhere in public and when I came to Myrtle Beach he was scared to leave his house.

This man has become a public nuisance and has been one for a very long time now actually but nothing can be done about trolls on the internet for some reason.  Please listen to the audio of not only this man going off on me about his friend being arrested for domestic battery but watch how he never says a word about getting him out or saying that hitting a woman is wrong but he goes in hard on me.  I am only posting this to continue to build my case as this dude still has a 3 year restraining order against him from talking about my EX who has done nothing to this dude yet he continues to violate it.  I will be sending her this video and audio and I pray that she does what she needs to do with it!

There should be no room for stalking people like this but the internet allows Trolls the ultimate leway!
Part 1 of Tyrone Going Off On Tommy Sotomayor for Clifton Rainey Getting arrested For BEATING UP A BLACK WOMAN!

Part 2 Of Tyrones Rant againt Tommy Sotomayor and threats to continue to drop the same Tommy documents that he has been dropping before!

Now after hearing all of this crap, the one thing that all of you should look at is how this man goes on the attack of me and never does anything to help out his friend.  This man says that Cliffs mom is sick, well if thats the case, why would he be on line threatening not only me but countless other black people?  Shouldnt he have been out trying to get a job to help his mother out?  Again if this dude had a job he would have been able to bail himself out.  I know I can.

If I end up going to jail I will be able to bail myself out, Period!

Especially if the bond is only 1,000 dollars.

Also think about this.  If Clifton was the good son or friend or well known in Chicago to the point of where he could monitor where I was and talk crap about me staying in a hotel that cost 1000 a night then why doesnt he at least have his mom put her house up to get him out?  A friend give him the money or one of these TRS crew members or women on line that he flirts with to help him out?  I find this whole situation bizarre but hey I am just a coon so what do I know.

Well from what I see, its better to be a coon and have coon friends when you get in trouble because having non coon friends seems to only leave you broke and in jail beating black women.  Its funny that black women even end up getting beat by their so called protectors too so what does that say for you black women?  The men who sit out to protect you will beat you, cuss you out on twitter and not pay child support!  At least I dont run around lying saying that I am doing this and that for you then being a straight up fake!  Everything I do you see, I dont just talk about it, I be about it!  You have to understand that the insane amount of hate that Tyrone has for me is weird.  He doesnt have this hate towards racist websites that he says uses my videos, nor the coons that he says I copy, nor the white supremacist that he says pay me.  Nope only me.. THE COON PUPPET! SMH