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Black Beasties Go Bowling For Brains In A Black Battle Bot Brawl! #UnbeWeaveable (Video)

Black Beasties Go Bowling For Brains In A Black Battle Bot Brawl! #UnbeWeaveable (Video)

by May 3, 2024 0 comments

These Women Are InSane!!!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Video Shows Woman Throwing Bowling Ball at Someone’s Head During Brawl

OK, can somebody explain to me how the hell “No arrests were made in connection with this incident”?

So there is literally no outrage nor calls for justice as this woman tried to kill other women?

You mean the movie lied?

May 02, 2024

I have a question, would her first toss be considered a strike? And the second was a gutter ball that missed the gutter rat?

Seriously, how are they always trying to kill each other in the middle of simple arguments or fights?

They complained about a man hitting a woman with a brick, they complained about a boy shooting a girl because she wouldn’t give him her number but when women do stuff like this its supposed to be OK?


Row of bowling balls on rack in bowling alley, with focus on a black ball in the foreground

Michael Edwards via Getty Images

A wild video circulating online shows a brawl breaking out at a bowling alley in Miami, during which a woman throws a bowling ball directly at another woman’s head.

Per TMZ, the incident went down at a bowling alley in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, showing an argument between several people that eventually escalated into violence. In one particular clip of the fight that’s been making rounds, a woman could be seen doing an overhead throw of a bowling ball directly at a group of people. The ball hits the woman in the head, seemingly knocking her out or at least sending her to the floor.

The woman who tossed the bowling ball is escorted away by a man, who stopped her from throwing more bowling balls.

Twitter: @teeelatricee

Police arrived at the scene shortly after the fight, but both the suspect and the victim were already gone by the time authorities turned up. No arrests were made in connection with the incident, and it’s not immediately clear what condition the victim is in. Either way, the clip has been making the rounds online, especially because everyone knows how heavy bowling balls can be and that head trauma is no joke.

There has been a recent string of wild fight videos popping up online in the last month, most recently with a video that shows violence erupting during a Stunna Girl performance after a fan appeared to sexually assault her mid-performance. There was also a crazy video that showed a Black guy beating up seven white guys at what seemed to be a public pool, which even 50 Cent shared and praised the dude fending off the group of guys despite the numbers he was facing.

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