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Black Woman Stabs & Kills Her Own Cousin Over A S.I.M.P.! BT-1000 Terminated By Upgraded Model! (Video)

Black Woman Stabs & Kills Her Own Cousin Over A S.I.M.P.! BT-1000 Terminated By Upgraded Model! (Video)

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Queens Again!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Well DAYUM!  As I was looking on my fan page, I for the first time in a long time took a look at what people had been posting on the wall.  I had to look no farther than the first post on my fan page to see exactly the type of story that makes me refer to some black women as the BT-1000.  She doesnt feel pain pitty or remorse and she absolutely will not stop, ever, UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD and in this case it was 100 % true!

Marcus Little from facebook sent me this story and as I read what he wrote I was like, this can not be….Oh But It was!

In a town where there had not been a murder in over 18 years, guess which group was right there to break the streak?  And the fact it was women and then family makes it just more and more outrageous but yet here we are! watch!

Did you notice how no one in this tragic hood tale spoke plain english?  Did you notice how there was only 1 male in the story?  Did you notice the two kids right out there with no mothers in sight?

Black women, how the hell you get pregnant by a man named “Junkie Mane”?  Do you seriously just dont care who bust up insde of you?  Are you willing to bring forth the kid of any man in order to keep him?

This story is tragic but then it actually isnt because it sorta is starting to look like the trash is taking itself out I mean, you can’t blame racism, you cant blame the white man, us coons were no where near this dumbster fire so who is at fault?  No matter how you slice it, these people are burdens on society and you see how no matter what the whores do, they gonna be alright but why are these Queens always fighting and usually fighting over busted dudes? What would you classify this as,,, A Love Parallegram? lol

P.S. Can someone tell me why that old b*tch was outside in a shower cap?  Black women its looking really bad out here for ya and the only problem is that you dont see it!

(Photo Source: Hernando Police Department)(Photo Source: Hernando Police Department)

(Source: WMC Action News 5)(Source: WMC Action News 5)

HERNANDO, MS (WMC) –It started with two love triangles, and ended with a 19-year-old allegedly murdering her cousin- Hernando’s first murder since 1996.

Prosecutors charged Tomeshia Odom Wednesday after an overnight murder in Hernando, Mississippi.

Police say her cousin, 21-year-old Jasmine Smith died after a stabbing on Hill Street after a fight over a man.

The two seemed to live parallel lives- they dated two of the same men, worked at Wendy’s together, and lived in the same apartment complex.

“It’s hard because that’s my cousin and then that’s my sister,” said Tiara Smith, Jasmine’s sister.

The family says Tomeshia told them she was having a baby with a man named Pat.

“It was Tomeshia’s ex-boyfriend and Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend too,” said Vanisha Smith, their cousin.

The family says the feud started on Facebook. They say Jasmine had no interest in Pat.

She was living at the Avondale Apartments with Tomeshia’s ex-boyfriend, Junky Mane.

Just before midnight Tuesday, the family says Tomeshia confronted her cousin about Pat.

“No one knew she had a knife,” said Cedric Payne, a cousin.

The two started fighting.

“Jasmine just fell and her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. She was gasping for air,” said Smith.

“All I saw was my sister laid out,” said Tiara Smith, Jasmine’s sister.

Odom is in jail on a $500,000 murder bond.

A state medical examiner is conducting an autopsy on her cousin’s body.

“It isn’t worth it. Once you take someone’s life, they can’t come back. So, if you can, think twice before you do it,” said Payne.

The Hernando Police Department is asking anyone with information about the case to call (662) 429-9096.


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