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Beastie Mom Allows Convicted Child Molester To Move Back In With Her Kids Whom He Molested! (Video)

Beastie Mom Allows Convicted Child Molester To Move Back In With Her Kids Whom He Molested! (Video)

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Police: Mom arrested for allowing convicted molester to move back in

By: Tommy Sotomayor

So I wonder will someone yell out that these kids momma black?  This story is all too sick and all too familiar!
The woman cares more about having a male around her than she does about her kids! The woman thinks that the presence of a male is more important than the safety of her children and as a matter of fact, many mothers like this woman will whore out their kids to the men just so the man will find their situation more attractive!  This is why they get younger men who have nothing or are fresh out of jail!
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A woman is in jail right now after police say she allowed a man who molested two children back into her home.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones went to Clayton County where officers say the convicted sex offender sexually assaulted one of the victims again.

“That’s disgusting and then for her to sit her and let(space)… you know. That’s awful,” said neighbor Aleia Berry.

It was hard for neighbors of 31-year-old Darrika Driver to get the words out after hearing why police arrested her.

“They don’t deserve to be parents. I wouldn’t give them (any) kids to tell you the truth,” said neighbor Jermaine Clark.

People who live in the apartment complex on Riverdale Road were appalled after hearing Clayton County police say Driver allowed her boyfriend, 22-year-old Natavious Mays, to move in with her after he was released from prison.

That’s even though he had served time for molesting two girls, now ages 12 and 14.

Berry said being “stupid in love” may have compelled Driver to permit Mays to come home.

Officers said Mays molested the 14-year old again after he moved back in. Court records indicate he recorded the assault with his cellphone.

Jones was at Clayton County Court when a judge made the following statement in part:

“You intentionally lied to law enforcement officers about where the sex offender lived, knowing he was not to reside with your children,” Clayton County Magistrate Court Judge Beatrice Scott.

Neighbors say police broke down the door to the apartment looking for Mays and Driver, but they say the couple had moved out a couple of days ago. Police located the couple and arrested them.

Driver faces child cruelty and harboring a sex offender charges and is being held without bond.

Mays, who is on probation, faces aggravated child molestation, production of child pornography and failure to register as a sex offender charges. He’ll be in court Wednesday.

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