2/7/14 – Should Marijuana & Other Drugs Be Legalized?

Just In Case You Missed It! Part 1 Part 2...

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Carls Jr Superbowl Sexy Ad A Fake But Tyrone Thompson Continues To Make An Ass Out Of Himself! (Video)

Tyrone Is An Idiot, And So Is Anyone Who Follows This Stalker By: Tommy Sotomayor So this man has dedicated his life to making people not like me to the point where he watches everthing that I do yet will

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Beastie Charged With Selling Heroin In Kids Happy Meals (Mc Smacky Meals) At PA McDonalds! (Video)

McDonald’s Worker Accused of Selling Heroin in Happy Meals By: Tommy Sotomayor So This Is what black queens are doing now?  I mean because we are told that all black women are queens so did Cleopatra get arrested for selling

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School Serves Watermelon Chicken & Cornbread To Celebrate Black History Month! But Is this Racist? (Video)

Black History Month Lunch of Chicken, Watermelon Causes Controversy By: Tommy Sotomayor So why the hell are blacks worried about what white people think about the things we eat? F*ck em!  No one eats more chicken than white people anyway!

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Young S.I.M.P., Shawn Williams,Murdered After A Fight About His Hair Hatted Girlfriends Weave! Shot & Killed (Video)

Girlfriend of hair weave argument shooting victim admits they did not walk away from fight Sheniqua Cunningham, 23, told Brooklyn Supreme Court her version of the night when Dennzel Holder allegedly shot and killed Shawn Williams in Crown Heights. By:

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