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Should I Remove The Ether Of Brother Polights Twin Sister Like She Asked? You Be The Judge! (Video)

Should I Remove The Ether Of Brother Polights Twin Sister Like She Asked? You Be The Judge! (Video)

by July 24, 2017 3 comments

So Should I Be The Bigger Person?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So let me ask, should I pretend that the young lady who went off on me yesterday in this video, didn’t go too far and help her out by deleting that video so that she doesn’t feel bad?  Well that is exactly what she wants me to do as the video below will show you how she came at me and what she now wants me to do!

Below is the complete conversation between us and I would like for you to look over it and tell me honestly, should I remove the video with her in it?

Excuse me Tommy Sotomayor…..firstly I want to apologize for the way I responded to you in terms of the situation with sean scott. I didn’t mean for it to go this far and I certainly didn’t mean to offend you with my slanderous words. I am not a person to colorize anybody whatsoever because I’m dark skin myself. I know it wasn’t right to call you those names but I was acting on emotions based on the little knowledge that I had of you from other people. I apologize for my actions and I see how stupid it made me look. I hope you can accept my apology and we can move foward from this
I am 18 and I still have alot of learning to do as far as controlling my feelings while in a disagreement with someone. But that doesn’t excuse my actions whatsoever. When I watched the video I seen how crazy I made myself look….

You missed a call from Zuriah.


You missed a call from Zuriah.



You missed a call from Zuriah.




Do you mind if I speak with you about the situation that occurred yesterday?

I’m sorry for calling you coming at you that way….I want meaning to offend you I was just upset and misguided. I took down all the comments I things I said about you. My dad saw the video and he’s pissed at me. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson that everyone is entitled to their opinion and I should do more research before I go off….


I’m not a confrontational person. I was following some people who influenced me to do something I knew was wrong…my little sisters face is in that video you posted and I’m in alot of trouble about it….could you please take the video down and we can just squash this whole situation because I don’t need this to follow me or my baby sister thruought my life. Its a lesson that I’ve learn and I would really appreciate it if you took the video down
I have had death threats in my inbox and my family is worried. I didn’t mean for any of this to escalate the way that it did. I really do apologize

dear, i can offer you to come on my show and publicly say all of this to you because you decided to publicly embarrass me
you even hyped that dude up to keep going and now you got your homeboy on his page telling more lies about me
see yall get to humiliate me publicly but then want to apologize privately and that aint cool
i literally started off my messages to you complimenting you and being nice to you
and that homosexual dude knew he was lying about me because i never bothered him or you
I didn’t publicly embarrass you tho sir…everything I said was in the inbox and on Sean’s post which doesn’t have a lot of views the way you do and I took the comments down….

you posted a lot of crap about me did i flag you?
no you didnt.. the stuff you wrote about me was on his page
Yes I know it was in his page it was in the comments but they are all gone

do you understand that i even told you what i was going to do before i did it?
and you still kept going
i did nothing to you now you are asking me to take down me showing people what you said because you dont like the backlash
as i stated i will allow you to come on my public platform to not only apologize but to actually have a civil convo.. thats up to you
but like i teach my little girls.. when u mess up you gotta blame yourself and do what you can to fix it
you even had some man come on my post on my video claiming that i am bullying you so even this message you sent me you told someone else about that
so thats my offer to you because im tired of black people messing with me when i did nothing to them
Why does it have to be publicly tho sir? The public didn’t know about it until you posted it….sean had like 23 people on his post but yours was for the whole world to see and it could possibly follow me forever because it out there on the internet
Why is it such a big deal I’m a black girl coming to you as a black man…I don’t like the confrontational approach and I’ve learned from that….if the video gets taken down then the situation will die and we both can go our separate ways…

ma am you dont get to screw with me then walk away because you say so
i gave you my thing you will realize about life is that your actions have consequences.. when i told you to not mess with me.. you should have respected that
I understand that I’ve messed up. I’m 18 and I’m still learning sir….I made a mistake and I’m coming to you apologizing for it….my dad will not allow me to have my face publicly displayed because of a mistake that I made….I was going to publicly apologize to you on my page for everyone who was involved with sean as well as you to see because that’s all who was involved

so you wont take my offer.. thats cool.. but just like all the crap you and your friend sean said about me were lies but you had no problem repeating them in public
then you can apologize in public
remember even when he posted the video i made you were right there in the comment section hyping him up
and after you hyped him up to clap back.. he made another video slandering me.. lets see if he removes his videos about me to help you
did you ask him to stop messing with me? did you ask him to take his video down? i didnt see you in the comment section telling him to stop like you were telling him to keep going
Sir you keep saying public but our platform is not like yours….you have thousands of followers and we only have 20 at the max on one post….that’s not fair…the situation would’ve been resolved sir. The post is not even there sir but your video still is

i made my offer.. you can take it or leave it
Yes I did….I did ask him to leave you alone

oh so now im supposed to feel sorry that my platform is bigger.. wow
well as your friend he didnt listen so if you cant get the man you defended to take his crap down then dont ask me who you came at
remember i was nice to you
I’m not asking you to feel sorry I’m just saying there is no reason to keep going about something that’s dead….the situation didn’t blow up until you put it all the way out there
He took it down sir
That’s what I’m trying to tell you
Sir I’m asking you to please take that video down….I could see if I made a video about you slandering your name but the situation was literally between a few people

no he didnt take it down now you are a liar
he not only has a video up about me now hes on his page claiming i blocked him when he blocked me
dear bye
Yes he did
I’m talking to him now

no he didnt.. im watching his damn page
Sir I don’t have anything to so with him escalating the situation….I asked him to leave it alone…if I get him to take the video down would you please take yours down…

look bye.. he keep making videos about me.. he aint stopping.. hell he still got the video i did about both of you up.. im not stupid.. you have my offer and you declned.. i havenothing else to say to you or any of you who like to fuck with other peoples lives who arent bother you

You missed a call from Zuriah.


im not talking to you anymore… i dont take order from people who disrespected me… dont like my offer then we good

You missed a call from Zuriah.


please stop trying to call me.. im done
I can get him to take the videos down sir…I’m not even involved in those videos….I took everything I said down and I did not post about you on my page

no you were the one who not only brought this situation to me but hyped it up
hell there were girls who didnt like me who even said on his page.. she was wrong for what she did especially on your behalf
And I apologized for it….it did no damage until you made it public

none of this would have happened if you had not done what you did
liar.. you didnt apologize to me before i made the video and you talked more shit after i made it!

i gave you my offer and your answer is no so you can leave me the hell alone because this all started with you.. when i added you i was being sweet and nice to you.. so im taking my ugly burnt crispy bacon roach looking ass back to my business while you get used by people who surely havent come out in your defense after you defended them.. funny how that work aint it.. he needs the hits so he could careless about you now.. hes feeling like a celebrity .. why you think he made so many post??

funny how the pro black man didnt come to your defense and say hey bro lets keep this between you and me, take that down shes young and made a mistake.. do you think he did that?> NOPE
Sir I was given information and I ran with it. It was a mistake and I wasn’t the only person on there. I’m talking to him about taking the video down….

my offer stands.. i am the one offended and i get to pick the remedy, period

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