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Ghetto Vigil Held For NC Mother Of 2 Run Down & Killed By Her Own Friend During After Club Fight! (Video)

Ghetto Vigil Held For NC Mother Of 2 Run Down & Killed By Her Own Friend During After Club Fight! (Video)

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More Drunk Incoherent Women!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Seriously guys, it has gotten to the point where the f*ck sh*t is expected by black women all over the country now even at vigils and funerals.

When I was young honestly it was always women who would show out at these events, especially at funerals by falling out and trying to out do each other and this was no different!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Friends and family of Zanelle Tucker filled the gas station parking lot where the mother of two was run over and killed early Saturday morning.

Police say an SUV drove into a crowd at the Exxon on Gate City Boulevard in Greensboro. Running down six people, including Zanelle Tucker and her cousin Latika Tucker.

Is it too much to ask black women to act with some class? Is it too much to ask that we could have the men of the community anywhere to be seen?

Truth of the matter is that these are some ratchet ass people and the only people that I truly feel sorry for are the children being raised in this environment!

“I still feel guilty because my niece ain’t here, so I don’t know how to process that. I don’t understand why my daughter is here and my niece is not here,” said Tammy Tucker, Latika’s mom and Zanelle’s aunt.

Monday night the Tucker family met back at the spot where their lives changed forever.

Loved ones filled the gas station with Zanelle’s favorite color, wearing yellow shirts and releasing yellow balloons. They also pleaded for the community to show compassion.

“I just want them to leave my family alone. Stop posting them videos. Everybody’s seen it there’s no more you can show us. I happened to watch one and I’ll never get that image of my daughter and niece laying there,” Tucker said.

Witnesses say a fight broke out between a group of people and two women, Meranda Watlington and Fana Felton, allegedly got inside an SUV and ran into a crowd of people.

Both women are charged with murder.

“I got to go to court, it’s going to be a lot, see I’m shaking right now when I’m talking about it just gives me anxiety, so we have a long road. We just want to pray for peace and let the court systems do what they need to do,” Tucker said.