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White Woman Caught Getting Hot & Bothered Live On TV While Staring At A Black Football Player! (Video)

White Woman Caught Getting Hot & Bothered Live On TV While Staring At A Black Football Player! (Video)

by June 19, 2014 62 comments

They Love Black Men!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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Before anyone says a word, this video was sent to me by a black woman who said, Tommy, you have to look at how hard this white girl was looking at this black football player almost like she was going to jump his bones right there.  I took a look at the video and was like, good for the brother.  Why, because he keeping his mind on the game but it also made me think about something else.  Take a look

What you saw in this video was the trainer or the coaches daughter just looking at dude like she wanted to give him the business right then and there but the brother stayed about his business.

What you also saw was a dark skinned and I mean very dark skinned brother in his natural state being found attractive to a woman that is different than him.  Now I only bring this up because man dark skinned men like myself have had women of his own race make fun of the depth of his darkness.  Why even at 38 now, I am still being referred to as black as hell, smut, smoke, charcoal boy and other names because I guess dark skin isnt to be desired among black people and I understand, hey we all have our own preferences. But what I want the brothers to see is that they dont have to run around trying to convince anyone who doesnt want them that they should.

There are a world of women out here just waiting to be with us as we are.  They dont need us to have pretty colored eyes, good hair or light skinned.  They like us for us and it seems like the less black the woman is the more they appreciate us for being us.

So this video was made to only show brothers that at some point we have to be with the people who want us.  It doesnt matter that yo momma black, yo sista black or they think you colorstruck, just be with the people who make you happy.  The people who like you the way god made you and unfortunatly its not our women.

The black female today is too caught up in trying to watch stuff like Scandal and taking every moment of the day talking crap about natural black features like our noses or our lips or our color or our hair.  When is the last time you seen or heard a black woman praise the features of the black man or for herself for that matter?  You cant build a black family with people who despise their own blackness and until we can get black women to see it, its best to be with people who see you.

The black man is the most immitated man on the planet.  From clothing, to speech, to music, sports everything the black man does the rest of the world follows except our love for ratchet women who look horrible and fake and produce kids with us that they quickly want to change by perming their hair and lightening their skin.

Dont settle for anything less brothers!  Stop running around with a chick who will put tattoos on her chest and neck, who will clown you in public, who will put on 26 in yakki hair and never take it off, who post video or photos of themselves half naked for the world to see while dating you.  Who dont mind producing kids by many men but calling herself strong for it.  Who force you to refer to them as queen while referring to you as a nigga that aint sh*t!


Take your d*ck and go home! #GoTeamMelanin