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The Ethering Of Wendy Williams Over Telling Women To Trick Men Into Pregnancy! By Tommy Sotomayor (Video)

The Ethering Of Wendy Williams Over Telling Women To Trick Men Into Pregnancy! By Tommy Sotomayor (Video)

by April 25, 2014 4 comments

Wendy Wendy Wendy..

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So let me get this straight?  Ladies and gentlemen, do you think that it is ever ok for a woman to trick a man into getting her pregnant?  Well if you are Wendy Williams, americas tran-a-like talk show host then you think it is perfectly fine in this psuedo feminazi bubble that you live in.   Take a look at the video below and be amazed at the stupid advise she gives one of her audience members.

So let me get this straight, it is now perfectly OK not only for women to get pregnant and sue a man for the child support but now its ok for a woman to trick a man into this illegal situation?

First off, I am calling all men and all common sense thinking women to immediately boycott not only the show but petition the network to get this mush face tran-a-like woman taken off the air immediately!

Second off, is it me or does this woman has the sh*ttiest shape possible?  I mean if it wasnt for those big ole implanted sweater puppies then she wouldnt have a curve at all.  I mean, seriously this has to be a man, no hips, no butt and yall swear black women come with these things.. the breast and the hair all fake so what does he look like naturally?  Come on Wendell, Show us your regular look!

This type of speech should never be uttered to any right thinking American.  She is advocating fraud but the funny thing is that in America this isnt fraud!

Hell a woman can blame a man for a child that isnt his, find out later that it wasnt his and that she knew it yet nothing be done to her.  Hell, a woman can lie and say that a man raped her and once that lie is found out, nothing can be done to that woman so I can see why Wendell Williams felt empowered enough to say this publicly but its time for us men to stand up to the feminazi tyrants!

We have to say something!  They made Mr Washington apologize to the gays for nothing.  Kobe Bryant too.  Then he had to apologize for his comments about the Trayvon Martin Case so why shouldnt she be sent through the same witch trial for her insensative damn right criminal comments?

Black Men, this alone should let you know that the black woman is not your friend.  The black women have shown no outrage over this comment but if someone said something about weave it would have been WW3!  The black women actually backed up this comment because most black kids were born in situations like this.

The black men werent purposly trying to get most black women pregnant, hell they werent even trying to have a relationship with the woman, why do you think that 74% of the kids are born to single moms?  So the only way they can get kids is by us being S.I.M.P.s and thats sad!   These women will get you on this court ordered child support if you try to leave them and if you cant pay one month or more then your butt is subject to jail time.  So much for the saying that white women will get you caught up because most of the black men that I know where cought up by black women who yep were black just like yo momma!

And guess who havent said a thing about this?  You guessed it, THE NIGGAZ WHO STALK ME ALL DAY ON LINE CLAIMING THEY ARE DOING IT FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY!!! Lets see if there are 100000 Black men against Wendy Williams.. Nah, Only I try to get change in the establishment!  Its cool, I like being the one true voice of the people… #SotoNation ~T.S.
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