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Why Didn’t The History Of Violence Against Women Stop Slain Youtuber Tamisha Ridge From Dating Thug? (Video)

Why Didn’t The History Of Violence Against Women Stop Slain Youtuber Tamisha Ridge From Dating Thug? (Video)

by May 20, 2014 4 comments

Black Chicks Love THUGS!

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor


Well I was hoodwinked!  I dont know the full story and I am still trying to find out of the guy is another guy other than the pastor on her page or if its the same guy.  Because if it is then I could have seen that coming a mile away but if its not then this makes it more sick because that would mean that she left a pastor for a killer but we are not there yet so lets just deal with what we know.

You guys saw the video I did about Tamisha Ridge the popular youtuber who was murdered by her boyfriend.  Well, the more you read, the worse it gets.  We know now that she has at least 2 kids fathers and there is a possiblity that there is 3 for 3 we dont know but I will try to find this out.  We also know that this man that murdered her had a history of violence against women that dates back as far as 02 and remained steady up until this last event which was the murder of Tamisha Ridge.  We also know that miss Ridge had to get a restraining order against Dameshlo Green as well but the question that needs to be asked and asked every dayum day is why do black women love thugs?

As you watch Tamisha’s videos and listen to her discuss her mom and see her family, you start to notice one glaring fact.  She is surrounded by hood people.  Even though shes a mixed chick she described her mom as more black than mexican and said because her mom acts black, loud rude shaking her head, that stuff.  On one of her videos you can hear how she associated everything pretty much ratchet as being black which a lot of us do.  That being the case, it seemed that this girl had no chance at all.

Black women are consistantly choosing the wrong men to procreate with yet the next man has to deal with it.  I promise you ladies, any man looking to start a family with a woman with kids isnt a good one and any woman looking to bring thugs around her kids is a horrible woman.  This could have ended a lot worse for a lot more people, All you can say now is that thank GOD it didnt!

Please understand, this man fought this woman it appears before shooting her with a shot gun so he came there to do damage and when someone is doing this type of stuff there is pure hatred involved and I hate that this young girl lost her life but you women better start picking a better type of man because its life & death out here now feel me?


The man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend as she slept this week was formally charged with murder during an emotional court hearing Friday that ended with an outburst from the victim’s mother.

“He’s a devil’s son!” Tina Martin exclaimed after Sacramento Superior Court Judge Gregory F. Haas read the charges against Dameshlo Green. “Murderer!”

Green, 34, who hid his face in his arms during the hearing, also burst into loud sobs before being removed from the courtroom.

He is accused of fatally shooting Tamisha Ridge, 31, at close range with a shotgun as she slept in her Woodbine Avenue home early Wednesday. During his arraignment, he was charged with murder and being a felon in possession of a shotgun. Haas appointed him a public defender.

Ridge’s three children, one of them fathered by Green, were sleeping upstairs when Sacramento police that allege he sneaked through an unlocked door and attacked Ridge. The children are now being cared for by Martin, who lives down the street from her daughter’s house.

Outside court, Martin was inconsolable and nearly had to be carried out of the building.

“She’s never coming back,” she whimpered between wails that filled the hallway. More than two dozen family members and friends attempted to comfort her.

Ridge, a fashion designer who built a following by posting sewing tutorials on YouTube, had ended her relationship with Green years ago and obtained a temporary restraining order against him in Los Angeles County in 2009. Martin said an order remained in effect at the time of the shooting.

She had encouraged her daughter to leave Southern California and return to Sacramento, where she grew up, to get away from Green.

Green has a long history of violence against women, with documented cases in Sacramento County dating back to 2002. He has been convicted of such abuse five times, earning a four-year prison sentence in 2011 for his most recent case, in which he violently, sexually assaulted a girlfriend. It is not clear when he was released from prison.

Ridge, meanwhile, was building a new life in Sacramento, where she hoped to find a home big enough to house a design studio. Her Facebook feed is filled with quotes from the Bible and pictures of her children, her fashion and her garden.

Awaiting Friday’s hearing, Ridge’s stepfather, Antonio Martin, warned women to be careful who they date.

“Cause you’ll end up like my daughter,” he said. “Watch them men out there. They no good.”

Green is scheduled to return to court Wednesday.