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Memphis Man Stabs His Wife To Death After Argument Then Tries To Vacuum Up Blood! (Video)

Memphis Man Stabs His Wife To Death After Argument Then Tries To Vacuum Up Blood! (Video)

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The ED’s Are Turning On The BT’s!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Well, I am sorry to keep saying that I TOLD YOU SO but….

Yeah, I told your ass so and this is yet another example of black men saying “Today Is The Day” to the black women in their lives!

I don’t know exactly what led to this but when a man is willing to kill a woman over an argument you better believe that just like that knife cut her deep, the words she spoke to him must have cut him deep!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing a murder charge after police said he stabbed his wife during an argument at the Edison Apartments and tried to clean up the blood with household cleaner and a vacuum.

Memphis Police said that Robert Washington and his wife, Trenecia Brown, were arguing in their apartment near Jefferson and Danny Thomas. Police said that they found a woman inside the apartment living room sitting on a loveseat, covered in blood and unresponsive.

According to police, they observed blood throughout the apartment as well as Brown having multiple cuts and stab wounds. Memphis Fire said they pronounced her dead on the scene, as she was unable to survive her injuries.

Police said that investigators noted Brown to have sharp force trauma to both front and back of her torso as well as trauma to her right arm.

It’s a sight that’s left neighbors like Sandra Anderson shaken.

“It is indescribable just to see that, you know, because you wake up every morning you won’t think something like this would be going on right at your back door,” Anderson said. “I look at stuff like this on TV on TV show, but like I said, you don’t think in a million years you wake up to something like this going on with a lot of police and crafts and technicians. And this is really than what you’re seeing on TV.”

According to police, Washington was taken to 170 N. Main for questioning, and he waived his Miranda rights.

He reportedly told police that he stabbed Brown in the course of arguing with her. It’s unclear what sparked the argument. Investigators said that Washington told them he tried to clean the blood in the apartment with a vacuum and Fabuloso cleaner.

YCWA of Greater Memphis says these type of incident have increased during  the pandemic.

“We started seeing an increase in domestic violence incidents, and it appears right now we’re seeing an increase in fatalities due to domestic violence,” said Executive Director Marquiepta Odom.

Odom encourages victims to seek help before things escalate to the point of violence.

“So many people you know, they don’t report it as they should and they don’t seek safety as they should. And oftentimes a lot of the ones that we see in fatalities have never sought any type of assistance to try to get out because they think that they’re able to handle the situation on the on their own,” Odom said.

Washington is currently facing a first-degree murder charge.

No bond information has been posted at this time. His next court date is set for October 29.

If you know any one dealing domestic violence, a hotline has been set up to help them out. The number is 901-725-4277.

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