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Black Female Leads Rally To Proclaim Innocence Of Officer Who Killed Mike Brown In Ferguson MO (Video)

Black Female Leads Rally To Proclaim Innocence Of Officer Who Killed Mike Brown In Ferguson MO (Video)

by August 26, 2014 25 comments

The Biggest Race Traitor Award Goes To???

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Photo Credit: MSNBC

As you can see, she’s smiling real big and she took over for white people as the voice of the people who believe that the officer was justified in shooting Mike Brown who was unarmed over 6 times in Ferguson MO.  The woman believes that her actions are right and just and leads me back to ask, who is the biggest race traitor going today?

Hell, lets be real, she has been the biggest for a long time now but lets see how many people who hate me will call this woman a coon?  Lets see how many will go after her and or her family?  Lets see who will release her address and other information?

I am not asking people to troll this woman or hound this woman actually but what I am hoping is that people can have their opinions for and against what you feel but not feel obligated to feel what I or anyone else feels about a situation.

The problem with us as blacks is that we are so childish that we will name call you just because you see things differently than we do.  When it comes to this situation yeah I feel the cop should be arrested but I also feel like Mike Brown and many other black men need to deal with law inforcement a little more carefully.  There is an alleged audio floating around and I want you guys to hear it and see how it makes you feel after!

At the end of the day, we are all entitled to feel and think how we deem fit, it shouldnt be this mass attack on that person for simply having an opinion that doesnt hurt anyone else.

There have been scores of people going after this woman but where are the black people going after those in the government who have been using them for years, killing their families and robbing them blind?  Where are the attacks on these people?

If you are not going to go after the root then stop f*cking around with the leaves that grow from it!



A group  rallying on behalf of Officer Darren Wilson, who gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown, found their hero over the weekend. As they gathered outside a bar, a black female supporter began singing a song that rallied the crowd.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

MSNBC reports that Robin Clearmountain wowed the crowd of supporters as she began singing Tom Petty’s “We Won’t Back Down.”

At first Clearmountain was singing by herself, but before long, other supporters of Officer Wilson had not only joined her, but proclaimed Petty’s song as the theme song for their support movement.

“You realize you just chose our theme song, right? You realize that, right?!” an organizer reportedly told Clearmountain.

Given that Clearmountain was one of only a handful of blacks in the group, it was shocking to many that she had become the voice of the group.

But as MSNBC notes, Clearmountain adores the police:

As much as the protesters in Ferguson distrust the police, Clearmountain loves them. “Police officers – that’s my family. I don’t care which department, what state they’re in, that’s my family,” she told msnbc, wearing a black t-shirt with “POLICE” written across the chest. “Anybody willing to take a bullet for you and not come home for you to keep you safe, that’s my family.”

Clearmountain says that although she understands what black people are going through, she cannot condone the reaction to Brown’s deαth.

“I tell these kids, if you don’t like the rules, go to law school. We need black lawyers, black judges. But this griping in the streets will get you dead. It means nothing,” she said. “You want to fight? Fight for utility rates to go down like we did back in the ’60s when I was a little kid. Fight for something that means something. Fight for getting somebody’s rent paid.”