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Tommy Sotomayor Embarrasses Youtuber LG With Pure Logic! Part 1 & 2 (Video)

Tommy Sotomayor Embarrasses Youtuber LG With Pure Logic! Part 1 & 2 (Video)

by June 18, 2014 47 comments


By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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A Youtuber by the name of L.G. I think it means Lame Guy, Has been talking bad about me for like almost 2 years.  I have never responded to the dude and never made a video referring to him but he has constantly made videos about me and by his own count it has been 9.’

I decided to reach out to him in hopes of finding out what this Lame Guy’s problem with me and if I could answer any question he had about my videos and what he did and didnt like.  At the end of the day I welcome any of their calls to discuss any of the points that I make in my videos.

First you guys must understand what type of guys disagree with me.

The majority of them are broke.

They usually live in the house with their mom or girl.

Their girl is usually ugly or unbeautiful.

They usually speak with some jailhouse logic or bamma accent.

Oh and did I say broke?  Anyway, please watch as this guy tries to convince you that hes got a legit reason to dislike me.  You make the call.

Now here is the second part to this discussion that really went south fast.  Now he has posted my discussion on his page which doesnt actually allow people to hear me but mine because even in a hotel my stuff is better than his in his house, is quite clear.  Enjoy!

So after hearing this discussion tell me what you think?  And what I plan on doing now is having more discussions with people who dont like me to show you guys that there is no real reason to not like me.  So I will have a segment on my shows called debate the coon or something like that where these so called people who do more than me will be able to call me and ask what ever they would like and I shall answer them…

Lame Guy and many like him are usually products of single mothers.  The single mothers who deflect at every turn are the ones who are raising these boys to not think logical and basically S.I.M.P.s .  Ladies if you dont want your sons to grow up to be like LG (Lame Guy) then make sure you have your kids by a man like like this Lame Guy!

Until then, just keep in mind that most if not all of the people who dislike me are either jealous, losers or just jealous losers like this Lame Guy!