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Tommy Sotomayors’ Reaction To Gay Rap Song Titled Throw Dat Boy-P*ssy & How It Hurts The Black Community! (Video)

Tommy Sotomayors’ Reaction To Gay Rap Song Titled Throw Dat Boy-P*ssy & How It Hurts The Black Community! (Video)

by March 20, 2014 5 comments

Should This Concern You?

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

If you are here that means you have seen the video and if you seen the video then you need to hear what I have to say about it!  This article addresses the song called “throw that boy p*ssy” by Fly Young Red.  The song explains what he wants in a male lover and how he wants that male lover to present himself.  The video itself showed men who the normal person might consider them to be regular thug guys.  Should this raise a concern?  Watch what I had to say in the video below then read more!

OK, let me be real and go a whole lot deeper than the video did.

If gays were so damn ok with their life style then why is it that one of the gays takes on a traditional male or female role?  Why is it that they keep referring to their parts as female or male parts?  See this lets you know that even in their own minds that they believe that what they are doing is wrong or abnormal at best!

See, there is no need to name a song Boy P*ssy, because well boys dont have one.  And if you keep referring to them as boys instead of men does that not have a pedophilic feel to it?  I think when men refer to their mates as little girl and all of that then thats the same thing so I do not make a difference with orientation on that one. But why do the gay women have one that dresses like a man and the other that dresses like a traditional woman?  To me that is the ultimate sign of confusion.

This video actually lends credibility to the black women who claim that a lot of problems being caused to them are from the black men in the Down Low community so in essence, videos like this are having the men expose themselves for what they are.  But does this help out our cause or hurt it?


The music industry is known for putting poisonous lyrics over catchy beats.  Hell we can go back to thats just my baby daddy or you down with OPP.   What about creep and as we slept the night away?

These songs made cheating ok and kids out of wedlock catchy so where are we here in 2014, leading the world in babies out of wedlock and STDs.  So what do you thin this next generation of songs will do for our community?  Well I am sorry but I believe that songs like this along with black men getting manicured french nails like snoop and wearing dresses like Omar Epps and Kanye West is just making the black man even weaker than they are.

No matter what anyone tells you, homosexuality running wild in a community no matter where it is will surely destroy the fabric of if nothing else the family unit.  If you think planned parenthood is destroying the black family, just wait until we have more gay couples than straight ones.   Just wait until the word dad becomes a thing of the past just like the sabertooth tiger or the dinosaurs.

Ladies, the reason this is happening is because you chose to run the men from the homes and say that you could do a better job at raising your kids by yourself.  Well black women, look at what the last 30 plus years of you being the sole provider has done for our community?  Look at what you choosing the feminist movement over working with your man has gotten us.  Look at what you letting the government be your kids father over the black man has gotten us?  The women now rely on weave to the point where they dont feel beautiful without it and are killing and stealing to get it.  The children are being murdered by whites but mostly by each other.  The mother are killing their kids left and right and the men are turning to each other.

We literally are canibalizing the black race at an alarming rate.

Yeah, I am sure that writing this is going to get me in all types of trouble but if I didnt write it, I wouldnt feel right in my own consciousness!  I have nothing against homosexuals or homosexuality, do what you want to with your life, but once you put it out in the public domain then hell yeah people can say they like it or they dont.  They can say they agree with it or they dont, all they have to do is respect your decision but they dont owe you praise for the decision that you made with your life.

Lastly, black people, stop allowing homosexuals into comparing or guilting you into agreeing with their lifestyle by saying that your black struggle is the same as theirs.. THAT IS BS AND THEY KNOW IT.  Those guys in this video dont look or act what you would assume was gay but there is no doubt that they are black!  See you can hide what you do in the bed which in essence is what makes you gay but you cant hide how you look on the outside so their struggles are 100 percent different.  A man who is attracted to men doesnt ever have to act on it but a black man cant decide that today he wont look black!

I am so sorry for rambling but I feel bad for my daughter having to date the next wave of black men!  This cant be life.  I dont want to be in the black race anymore.  Country music has been around way longer than rap yet not one of them have tried this crap, but here we are, just making the black man out to be the world fool!  Now dont get it twisted, this guy isnt some huge rapper but black men have been spitting out suspect lyrics since the early 90s and I will be doing a video later to prove it to you.. With this video and article, I have thrown away any chance I had at being mainstream but then I never sought that, I just give my honest opinion about your world!

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