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Tommy Sotomayor Ethers Roland Martin Over Disrespectful Tweets! (Video)

Tommy Sotomayor Ethers Roland Martin Over Disrespectful Tweets! (Video)

by March 30, 2014 2 comments

Come On Big Tyme Roland…

So today I was out and about, Came back and dayum if Roland Martin from Tv One wasnt going off on me  due to a video that I posted about the Stephen A Smith, Kobe Bryant & Jim Brown Issue.  Now for those that know the back story Roland Martin saw a video I did on Youtube A couple of years ago and really liked it.  So much so that he came to twitter looking for me but when he got to my handle, he saw that my twitter name was “The Black Rush Limbaugh”!  Well that set him off so he went coo coo for cocoa puff on my arse and then blocked me!

See Roland spent a lot of time name calling but no time on twitter disputing facts.. why is that Sir?  He spent most of his time belitting people letting them know that he has more money and fame but never arguing the point that I made in my video which you can see by clicking here.

Now Roland, I know you are on my sorry looking website and I will give you that, it is in need of an upgrade but then so is your hairline and midsection.  I mean come on Roland you need to do like Teddy P and let it go!  But no you went on some lame rant on me today for no reason at all…Why?  I mean what is your beef with me buddy?

Then you claim to be a Christian but why would any Christian on a Sunday afternoon going at Twitter people calling them idiots, stupid then talking about your position in life, who you interview and how big your name is.  Well buddy, people who do that, know that their star is deminishing and you do see that mine is rising or you wouldn’t know anything about me because remember, you were tweeting about me while I was out chillin at Hooters!

I have no hate for you dude, but today you were so immature that not one of your fans came to your defense and that should make you feel like crap.  At the end of the day, maybe black men should stop trying to use street lingo when they are no where near street, you just have a TV platform and if your ratings havent shown you yet, its not that big.  So continue to make fun of me and my format but more people quote me than you.. AND THATS A FACT!


Body Bag Tweet

makes fun of online radio

calling us idiots

he remembers me

calls me a nobody

finally i see whats going on and respond



Now if these are not the ramblings of a fanny bandit, I dont know what are.. those last two tweets were after he saw my! PS. while he refers to my show as not real, ask him why does he follow the Young Turks who themselves are an internet show?  Are they not real or is it because they are white?


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