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Tommy Stalker Soncerae Loses Her Man & Her Mind Online For The Whole World To See! Watch

Tommy Stalker Soncerae Loses Her Man & Her Mind Online For The Whole World To See! Watch

by January 6, 2014 0 comments

See how black woman can go from being Empathetic To Sympathetic To Just Pathetic!

See, Black women will lose everything they have messing around with other people and causing drama!
Now relationships start and relationships end and there is nothing wrong with that and who knows why
her and her man broke up but here she is on line for the world to see showing how bitter she is at a man for
leaving her!
Why are black women always bitter as hell for getting broke up with and always have to make a public spectacle
of it?
I mean hell at least Taylor Swift was getting paid to publicly make a fool of her exes and she was 19 but this
beached whale soncerea is 38 years old on line throwing a fit that her man broke up with her so she stomping
around in the Jordans she bought for him!

Men if this dont show you how off black women are because I havent seen the video of a white woman
stealing her black mans stuff because he left, buring his stuff because he left, making youtube videos about him
because he left but you see a lot of black women doing it!


Anyway, I honestly hope this woman heals but the problem is, you cant usually fix stupid, and you can see this
woman has years of stupidity and people around her who tell her nothing is wrong with it.. but then the only
people around her is the internet dudes who want to screw her and the people who dislike me.. the womans
life sucks!

And its not funny, its actually very sad to watch the train wreck that is the typical dark skinned american female!

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