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Black Atlanta Mother Repeatedly Rams Into Baby Daddy’s Car Killing Her Own 3 Month Old Child In The Process! (Video)

Black Atlanta Mother Repeatedly Rams Into Baby Daddy’s Car Killing Her Own 3 Month Old Child In The Process! (Video)

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These Are Your Queens!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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The 21-year-old mother, Titayanna Phillips, was charged with felony murder for causing the death of her 3-month baby after she intentionally rammed into the baby daddy’s vehicle

                            Atlanta mom rams SUV into baby daddy's car killing 3-month-old girl in backseat: 'I told him I would kill him'

Titayanna Phillips (Fulton County Sheriff’s Office)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: An Atlanta mother, 21, has been charged with felony murder for reportedly causing the death of her three-month-old baby girl with her car. The mother intentionally crashed her vehicle into the car of her daughter’s father while the baby was inside. The shocking incident took place at around 7 pm on Monday, July 27, at Chappell Road near Eason Street in Atlanta. 

According to the police, a preliminary examination revealed that the father, Undra Henderson, had placed his baby girl, Khy’undra Henderson, inside his Honda Sedan and was driving away when the mother, Titayanna Phillips, chased them. Titayanna, who was driving a black SUV, rammed it into Undra’s sedan several times which finally caused to lose control of the vehicle, crashing it into a telephone pole, according to a WSB-TV report. 

Police officers who arrived at the scene of the crime found the baby and her father lying injured inside the car which was badly damaged. The baby was rushed to the hospital where she died. Undra is still in the hospital and is said to be in a stable condition. According to 11Alive, Titayanna has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. Authorities have not yet revealed her motive behind the incident. 

Undra took to his Facebook handle to talk about the crash on Tuesday morning, July 28. He had written, “Um blessed to be alive but without khy’undra this sht don’t even matter.” A neighbor who had witnessed the crash rushed over to the vehicle to help the trapped father and daughter. Taranjela Jones said, “We were in the house when we heard a boom.” 

“We saw her, the car was turned sideways up against the tree, and she was ramming her car into the side of the car,” Jones added. Authorities revealed that Undra had just picked up the baby from her mother’s house.  Jones said, recalling Titayanna’s anger, “She was screaming, ‘I told him that I would kill him’. And she said, ‘Can you all get my baby out of the car?’ She was screaming, ‘That’s my baby in the back seat’.” 

“Everyone tried to get the people out of the car because the car started smoking,” Jones continued. A few minutes later, firefighters arrived and got the baby out of the car.  Jones added, “It’s sad. It’s heartbreaking. It wasn’t worth it at all.” 

Witnesses also said that Titayanna just stood by and even made a phone call as firefighters did their best to rescue the infant and her father from the mangled and broken vehicle, according to a report by AJC. Atlanta police records revealed how Titayanna has had at least two run-ins with officers in the last few weeks. In late June, she had been arrested on a disorderly conduct charge in light of a domestic violence dispute that occurred in her home. 

During the case, Undra told officers that he had been forced to jump down the staircase after Titayanna attacked him from the stairwell. Recently, on Friday, July 24, morning, authorities had been called into a health clinic after employees said Titayanna, who did not have custody of her daughter, took the child from an examination room and left. 

After much pleading from officers, Titayanna returned the baby unharmed. She also had an open case with the Division of Family and Children’s Services and had “numerous current mental and physical health issues which remain unresolved”.

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