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Little Charcoal Boy!! Song By The One Called L.A. Dissin Tommy Sotomayor Skin Color! (Video)

Little Charcoal Boy!! Song By The One Called L.A. Dissin Tommy Sotomayor Skin Color! (Video)

by January 28, 2014 0 comments

So Your Color Of Black Is Better Than Mine?

By: Tommy Sotomayor

So, Today I woke up and was sent an email from someone requesting that I watch the last two videos made about me by some lame dude on youtube by the name of L.A.  No he is actually not from Los Angeles nor does he live in California but that’s a whole nother kettle of fish.  This guy is actually an unemployed father of 9 who lives off of his current girlfriend and makes youtube videos that no one watches while the majority of them have more dislikes than likes!

Well I made a video about people having their babies crying in the background of their videos because well him, along with several other youtubers, seem to think that it is OK to have a crying baby in the background while you cuss people out.  Needless to say, he did not take too kindly to my video so what did he do?  Mr Chef Boy Your Lame decided to dedicate two videos to me not dissin’ me as a normal diss would be nope his diss was what a normal black persons diss is… YOU BLACK AS HELL!

Yep mr living off of his girlfriend decided to call me little charcoal boy!  See the video below!

So let me ask you guys this.  Why is it that its not even normally the half or high yella people who go around calling black people names but the people who are usually only 1 to 2 shades lighter than you?

Why is it that if this dude and others claim blacks should stick together, then why is it that the only black that people like are brown and light?  So are you guys saying that as long as you are brown or light then your black is ok but if you are my color of black its bad?  I will be doing a video on this later today but for now just watch my video and you tell me one if his was even funny or not but two how does this look from a man claiming black unity? click here to see his channel and other videos!


Ether Song To theonecalledL.A. I GOT A JOB… by tommysotomayor

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