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Philly Pre-Dyke Murders 14 Year Old By Stabbing Him In The Heart Over & Argument!! (Video)

Philly Pre-Dyke Murders 14 Year Old By Stabbing Him In The Heart Over & Argument!! (Video)

by February 22, 2014 0 comments

Teen Allegedly Stabbed in Heart By Teen Girl Dies

By:  Tommy Sotomayor

So guys, this story to me is everything I say in a nut shell!  You have this dyke who is running around trying to look like a man, act like a man and literally think shes a man getting into an argument with a boy.  The boy ends up dead after the discussion and the so called girl is now in jail.

The story makes me sad because these Tom Boy girls are running around attacking men now but as a man you still have to say, “oh wait, this is a girl, I cant fight her back”, and this is causing a lot of men to loose their lives!

This is why I was so upset during my Ray Rice video because its sad to know that black men no men in general are being murdered because we believe that hitting them is so wrong yet no one tells women that they should keep their hands to themselves.  No one should be hitting other people, everyone should keep their hands to themselves but we dont teach women this train of though!

I am sick of gay women walking around acting like the worst men in black society yet thinking this is normal.  Thinking that being a thug of a man/woman is great and is the way to be.

Amber+HellestenA boy is fighting for his life after being stabbed last night by someone he knew, according to police.

Family and friends will gather Saturday to celebrate the life of a 14-year-old south Philadelphia boy who died after being stabbed last week.

The funeral for Azim Chaplin, who died last Sunday after being stabbed in chest five days before, will be held at New Hope Temple Baptist Church on the 700-block of 12th St. in Philadelphia.

Authorities have charged 15-year-old Amber Hellesten, of the 2000 block of Sigel Street, as an adult for allegedly stabbing a 14-year-old boy around 8 p.m. last Tuesday on the 2100 block of Watkins Street in the Point Breeze section of Philadelphia.

Hellesten was charged last week with attempted murder.

The victim was transported to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he underwent emergency heart surgery, according to investigators.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said the knife touched the boy’s heart.

Police found the boy near the area of S. 22nd and Moore streets, a short distance from where the stabbing occurred.

“After being stabbed we believe the boy walked to the 2100 block of S. 22nd Street where he collapsed on the sidewalk,” Small said.

Witnesses told police that Helleston knew the victim and the pair were arguing when the stabbing occurred.

The girl was arrested about a half a mile away from the scene of the crime.