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Problack Pimp Tariq Nasheed Exposes His True Hidden Colors Willie Lynch Style! (Video)

Problack Pimp Tariq Nasheed Exposes His True Hidden Colors Willie Lynch Style! (Video)

by August 12, 2014 142 comments

I See Your True Colors Shinning Through!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


I know for a fact that I tried to squash any beef!

I know for a fact that I kept reaching out to dude!

But now the man claims I stole money from him because he made a donation?  The man now claims I am gay because I asked a question?  The man now says I am broke and lived in a struggle mansion?  The man now says I am CRISPY BLACK & BLACK AS A TURD?  The man now says that if I dont give him the money he donated back to me that hes gonna see me in LA to fight me for it?

WOW, this is your problack mack!

I am going to admit right now that I am floored by his behavior online for the past few days. The man is obviously trying to get people to go watch his youtube channel and thats fine but why the hell would he choose to do it this way?  Does he no longer plan on being mister hidden colors or does he believe that like most black people, you guys just want drama and he can give you that drama all while you never question the terms he used to describe me?






The man even went on to show photos of me with no shirt on claiming my body looked nasty, saying my hairline is messed up and and that my eyebrows were arched.  Do you see how insane this has gone for a man that is supposed to be about bringing black people together?

Can someone please ask this dude how my skin color, sexuality and financial status has anything to do with asking about why do we not speak about JEWS?

Why would he go out of his way to say that I was in a struggle mansion when he does his live shows from a closet next to the garage?  Seriously?

Why would he be allowed to say how gay I am when he does shows wearing every disney shirt possible?  Think about it?  Look up Disney and Jews and what it represents and ask yourself why he keeps wearing their gear Mr Hidden colors mr group economics?

Why is he not reppin some black company, Some black film, Some black product?

This dude has now went on his last resort to call for violence somehow because hes going to do something to me if I say F*ck him to his face over him asking me for a donation!

Now I have already had several emails telling me that when I go out to LA I need to watch out because Tariq might have some people jump me because he slimey like that and thats truly sad to hear as well but OH well, if he that bad then he that bad but I am scared of no man especially when it comes to the fact that dude mad over a critique which is all he does.  Strange!

I tried to show this dude nothing but love.  Bought hundreds of dollars of his gear to give away to my fans, donated money to his movie and bought his HC3 to give away as prizes, all more than 1k he donated so I am very confused now!  But as he said, he never liked me, it just took him 2 radio interviews, 1 on my show, then 2 face to face, 1 at my house for him to finally say it I guess!

This is an obvious ploy by him! If he says I stole money from him, he donated in November so why is he saying I stole it now?  Why did he claim on twitter that he dont go to the police because he dont tell he handles it like men but he tweeting on twitter that I stole from him but he has never made these comments before.  So I guess its OK to tweet to the world that I robbed you 10 months later of a donation!  This is sickening!

Dude is even going so far as to have people make fake twitter, fb and twitter accounts to troll me.  Go look!