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Memphis BT-1000 Gives Her Niggly Cub A Gun During A TeenageFight To Help Him Win! #iShitUNot

Memphis BT-1000 Gives Her Niggly Cub A Gun During A TeenageFight To Help Him Win! #iShitUNot

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More Proof…

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

…That black women are indeed THE WORST STEWARDS OF CHILDREN ON EARTH!

A black woman, BT-1000 in Memphis Tennessee, has been arrested for one of the dumbest, most evil things you can do when it comes to what you can teach your child.  The woman is being charged with giving her 15 year old son a gun during a fight so that the son can get the upper hand on a teen he was fighting!

No rational, normal thinking adult would think that this was OK but then how many black women do you know that are normal thinking, rational adults? WATCH!!

So OK, George Zimmerman is a bad guy because he shot a boy for fighting him and blacks say that blacks lives must not matter to non blacks but this black woman gives her black son a gun so that this black son can kill another black and there is no outrage?

You would assume that a normal mom would be nurturing and teach their kids conflict resolution skills but you would be wrong when it comes to black women and the violence in the inner cities is the result of that!

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – A Memphis mom faces criminal charges after investigators said she gave a gun to her young son.

According to Memphis Police Department, Takendrea Pennington’s 15-year-old son was involved in a fight Monday with another boy, so she decided to give her son a gun.

A family friend said the disagreement between the two boys started a while ago. The disagreement turned to threats and prompted the teen to take precautions.

Police said the teen took the gun from his mother and immediately fired shots at the other boy.

A close family friend said the behavior doesn’t match the mother they know.

“People nowadays need to learn how to get along and hash things out and talk,” the friend said. “It’s sad that you have to be 15, 16, or 17 and walk around with a gun.”

Residents at the Whitehaven View apartments said they’re shocked.

Pennington is charged with providing a handgun to a juvenile. She bonded out of jail.

Memphis Police Department did not issue a comment about whether the teen would face any criminal charges.

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