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Sheriff & Mom Arrested After He Coerced Mom To Perform Oral On Her 1 Year Old Child & Send Him The Video! (Video)

Sheriff & Mom Arrested After He Coerced Mom To Perform Oral On Her 1 Year Old Child & Send Him The Video! (Video)

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Wow & They Are Black As Well!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

(Photo credit: News 4 San Antonio)A Louisiana deputy with the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office was fired following his arrest in connection to the rape of a one-year-old child.

St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said Shadrick Jones, 33, the now-fired deputy, is accused of filming the rape of the child. Jones worked as a deputy for the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office. Before that, he was a deputy for the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

According to News 4 San Antonio, the woman turned in a video of Iyesha Todd performing oral sex on her 1-year-old son. Jones is also accused of taking part in the crime.

“It kind of made my stomach turn when I had watched the video,” said Katrecia Lewis, Todd’s ex-girlfriend. “So it’s like a child is involved. That shouldn’t be going on with a child. I had to tell someone.”

“I thought about my child,” Lewis said. “What would I do if that was my child?”

Lewis said she and Todd used to be in a relationship but now remain close friends.

“She helped me raise my child from the time she was born until now,” Lewis said.

Lewis said when she received the video from a stranger via Facebook she was horrified.

“It still messes with me to this day honestly,” Lewis said. “I’m not sleeping. I’m not eating like I should be. So like I couldn’t just have it in my possession and not say anything about it.”

Whether the violence is real, including sexual violence like this one, reenacted based on real events, or fiction, when you witness cruelty and empathize with the victim, you experience the trauma vicariously. That’s why witnesses to violence are considered victims too. It is especially traumatizing to witness cruelty when you are powerless to prevent it.

People exposed to violence don’t always empathize with the victim. Sometimes they side with the aggressor, which can compel them to behave aggressively themselves. Siding with the aggressor is a common reaction when viewing fictional violence, which is made more palatable by showing the hero as an aggressive victor. Siding with the aggressor doesn’t always lead to mass murder, but the link between aggressive behavior and exposure to this kind of violence is well-documented. In fact, scholars consider this link to be on par with the correlation of lung cancer and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Battling between what she says was the right thing to do and her friendship with Todd, she made the decision to turn the video into the police department.

“I sat there with the video for 24 hours, prayed about it that night actually,” Lewis said. “And the lord was like you have to do something. There’s a child involved.”

Todd was arrested and charged with first-degree rape and incest.

Police chief Kevin Ambeau said Todd accused sheriff deputy Shadrick Jones of recording the video of her performing the sex act on her son and “coerced” her to do it saying it was his fantasy.

“In my 16 years of chief of police, I have never seen something so disgusting and sickening in my life,” Ambeau said.

Ambeau said there is evidence that former deputy was in Todd’s residence at the time of the incident and…

… that he believes Todd’s statement.

Jones was charged with possession of child pornography and principle to first-degree rape.

“We believe that he was in possession of that video,” Ambeau said. “He is disgusting to the badge. And I tell the public they got more good officers than bad. Every now and then we run into a bad apple and we have to put him away. And I think that Mr. Jones is a bad apple.”

Lewis said that after knowing Todd for five years she can’t believe that this is something that Todd would “want” to do.

“That’s not her,” Lewis said. “That’s not her at all. And I put my hand on the bible to that. She loves kids. She loves her son. She loves my daughter. She just loves all kids around her and I don’t see this being her.”

Lewis said her hope is that the truth comes out soon and that in the end Todd’s 1-year-old son won’t be affected by this.