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Fired NJ News Reporter Sean Bergin Speaks Out On Why He Blamed Single Black Mothers For Inner City Crime & Violence! (Video)

Fired NJ News Reporter Sean Bergin Speaks Out On Why He Blamed Single Black Mothers For Inner City Crime & Violence! (Video)

by July 17, 2014 20 comments

And I Still Agree Damn It!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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In America, its not that you cant tell the truth about people, its that you cant tell the truth about certain people!  See you can talk crap about black men all day.  You can talk crap about so called white supremacy all day.  You can bash the crap outta Christians with nothing happening to you but If you bring up Barack Obama and his faults then you are racist.  If you bring up black women’s shortcomings then you are racist.  If you bring up issues with women then you are sexist.  If you bring up issues with Jews then you are an antisemite.  So why is this?

Do you know that a person can get on media and talk crap about white men all day long and never be called anything?

Fired NJ news man Sean Bergin felt the wrath of this liberal media when he was fired for having an opinion that didnt toe the company line by blaming single parent households in the black community for the violence that plagues them!  Now even though he was right for saying it, he was suspended for his actions.  Well Mr Bergin has fired back at not only the station that let him go but at the people who feel he was wrong in what he said!

First off, he did break a rule that most media people are not supposed to give their opinions of stories they cover however, many people give their opinions on these stories and they make sure that people know exactly what they are saying and why based upon their experiences at time.  If a company has rules though and you break them there should be consequences for your actions and so I am not all that upset with the company for letting him go.  What I am is happy that this man knew there would be consequences for his actions and you dont see him crying like a b*tch about it.  He got fired and he understands why he just did what he had to do and what he felt was right Just like the woman who wore her natural hair on air!

Now I do think its funny that they pretend that people dont give their personal opinions on news stories though.  I have heard Don Lemon do it, I have heard many liberal talking heads speak on how this is wrong or that attitude is wrong, I mean would any one have been mad at this guy if he said spoken about how cops are being violent to blacks?  What is he had said its disgusting for someone to rape another person would we have said that he should have kept his opinion to himself?  NO

I am glad he spoke out and I hope this lands him another job but what it should do now is warn the rest of you that you better start backing those of us who speak the truth no matter if you like it or not because we are quickly headed for a police state and when that happens you are going to long fo the days of people who are willing to challenge the system.


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Sean Bergin, the New Jersey reporter who was suspended and got his pay docked (then quit) for a brief commentary he made about young black men, spoke out for the first time on Fox News tonight, telling Megyn Kelly why he quit and why he felt the need to speak out in that way. Bergin was bringing attention to an “anti-cop mentality” in the black community and said, “The underlying cause of all of this, of course: Young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”


Bergin explained that he knew perfectly well what he was doing and was just “trying to add some context and balance” to the story after getting such vitriolic pushback. He said both cops and viewers sent angry comments his way for the station’s decision to give airtime to the wife of a cop-killer.


Bergin said there’s a clear link between fatherless young men and an “utter disrespect for authority.” Kelly asked if this was “ideological termination,” but Bergin dismissed that, as he has no evidence of such.


You can watch the video here, via Fox News: